Need a Shot is a song performed by a group of townsfolk in the Season Twenty-Four episode "South ParQ Vaccination Special".


When the Kommunity Kidz steal the COVID-19 vaccines from Walgreens and bring them to Cartman's house, they find a large group of people downstairs, begging them to give them the vaccines.


Man with Burgundy Coat (singing):
This is my moment
This is my tiiiiimmmmeeee...


[The boys walk to the window to see the crowd downstairs]

Man with Burgundy Coat (singing):
I've got a dream to fulfill
And all I need is a shot!
Please just gimme a shot!

Man with Green Coat (talking):
Listen, Kommunity Kidz!
All I want is a shot!
A-and you can give me that shot!
That one shot, that's all I need!

Female Singer (talking):
All I want is a shot, too!
If I had a shot, I would make the most of it!

Crowd (shouting):
Gimme a shot! Please I need a shot!

Guitar Singer (singing):
If I just had a shot
I would make it the best shot

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