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Ned Gerblanski

Ned Gerblanski is a Vietnam War veteran who is missing his right arm and talks through an electrolarynx with a voice performed by Trey Parker. He was almost always presented as Jimbo Kern's apparently platonic companion. Ned and Jimbo were both inspired by characters Parker drew in high school.[2]



Jimbo and Ned met while in the Vietnam War, where Jimbo was a helicopter pilot. During the war, Ned lost his right arm when a hand grenade exploded prematurely in his hand. In earlier episodes he can be seen with a skeletal, gray, prosthetic arm. Ned also lost his formerly mellifluous voice due to a laryngectomy, apparently caused by laryngeal cancer from cigarette smoking, and speaks with an electrolarynx. Despite the fact that Ned lost one of his arms, he can still wield two-handed weapons, such as a flamethrower and even an M249 SAW in South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut.

Huntin' and Killin[]

He is usually seen hunting with Jimbo and is a co-host on Huntin' and Killin'. When Jimbo says "It's coming right for us", Ned usually repeats it in his electronic voice.

Ned's Role in the Series[]

Ned was more prominent in the first five seasons, much like Pip Pirrip and Chef, usually featured alongside Jimbo Kern with the two acting as leaders of the townspeople in times of crisis. Their roles gradually diminished, and by the fifth season, Jimbo Kern began acting more as one of the regular townspeople with Ned fading into the background. After the sixth season Ned has ceased to have speaking roles, being almost completely absent by season eight outside of crowd scenes. He did appear in "Cartoon Wars Part I" and three seasons later in "The F Word", and during Season Fourteen he made quite a few cameos, such as in "Medicinal Fried Chicken", "200", "201", and "It's a Jersey Thing", but having no lines in any of them. In "Time To Get Cereal", Ned is severely injured.

Ned has not spoken alone since around the fifth season, but he did speak in South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play! and South Park: The Stick of Truth which were both released during the thirteenth and seventeenth seasons respectively, showing Trey Parker was still capable of performing his voice, though it did sound slightly different.

He finally received his first speaking role in an episode about 17 years later in "Time To Get Cereal", where he was taken away by ManBearPig. He was considered "missing" until the season finale "Bike Parade", where he was seen at the Bike Parade in a wheelchair, covered in full body cast. By the "South ParQ Vaccination Special", he appears to have recovered from his injuries.

Criminal Record[]


Ned has short, messy gray-brown hair. He has a small mustache and goatee. His right arm is missing due to a grenade accident during the Vietnam War. He wears a camouflage shirt, light blue jeans, sunglasses, and a black headband. Ned is usually straight-faced. He's very skinny and noticeably smaller than the other South Park adults. He is comparatively less detailed than some of the other adults in the show.

In the future timeline set in South Park: Post Covid, he has graying, balding hair, and wears a brown jacket over a white shirt. He is confined to a wheelchair. He appears to have kept scars from injuries made by ManBearPig.

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Ned Gerblanski and his best friend Jimbo Kern represent South Park's large population of stereotypical "hicks". They are obsessed with large trucks, beer, guns, explosions, and killing animals. They detest "liberals" and circumvent anti-hunting laws by yelling, "It's coming right for us!" before shooting any animal, thereby justifying the kill as self-defense. Later, after a court ruling, they claim to be shooting the animals so as to "thin out their numbers", despite the fact that they are shown shooting at endangered species when they shout this phrase. Ned hardly shows any emotion; mostly just staring blankly ahead of him. It was revealed in "Tweek vs. Craig", that Ned used to be a State Champion Boxer until a grenade blew his right arm off. Throughout the episodes, many characters (mainly Jimbo) say that Ned is 'accident-prone' due to certain unfortunate things that have happened to him: blowing his arm off, running into a telephone pole, getting trampled by a herd of cows, etc. Though they both are best friends and share the same interests, Ned seems to be the opposite of Jimbo. While Jimbo is tall, fat, and loud, Ned is short, skinny, and quiet. Jimbo is a natural leader while Ned seems very dependent on Jimbo and does everything he says. Ned also seems more easily frightened than Jimbo, particularly in the episode "The Mexican Staring Frog of Southern Sri Lanka" when he frequently states how terrified he is of the frog, working himself into such a state that he becomes catatonic upon seeing it. Ned also has very varied interests and hobbies: he is a local history buff ("Chef Goes Nanners"), a former champion boxer (see above), and used to be a good singer, not that that stops him from singing now.


Jimbo Kern[]

Ned dressing gown

Ned walking around the house he shares with Jimbo in his more relaxed attire. (From "Jakovasaurs".)

Due to his close relationship with Jimbo Kern and the speculation about Jimbo's sexuality, there has been much speculation over Ned's sexuality. As with Jimbo, there is evidence for him being Bi. In the early seasons, he lived in the same house as Jimbo and was completely comfortable walking around in front of Jimbo wearing small zebra-stripe underpants and a very short dressing gown which is completely open at the front. However, he has had sexual relationships with Liane Cartman, even stating that he "could be" Eric Cartman's father in "Cartman's Mom is Still a Dirty Slut". It is revealed in "Summer Sucks" that he used to be married, mentioning his ex-wife. However, he also admitted to watching another man masturbate in "Two Guys Naked in a Hot Tub".


  • Ned: "Hello, Mrs. Cartman. How are you today?"
  • Ned: "Moh Yeah, that's right, I don't think eight year old kids drink beer, mmm."
  • Ned: "Were you stationed in Da Nang?"
  • Ned: "Moohh, rabbit, rabbit, 5 o'clock."
  • Ned: "It's coming right for us."
  • Ned: "Mmm, oh, it hurts, it hurts, mmm."
  • Ned: "Moh man it smells like dead fish here."
  • Ned: "There's not many animals out today, Jimbo, mmm."
  • Ned: "Mm I don't know man. I've got some bad gas."
  • Ned: "We'll be on the cover of Guns & Ammo."
  • Ned: "Mmm, so much for the cover of Guns & Ammo."
  • Ned: "Mmm, holy crap."
  • Ned: "Mmmoh no, out of ammo."
  • Ned: "Mm-one day at a time, Mayor. Mm-one day at a time."
  • Ned: "Thin out their numbers!"
  • Ned: "Mmmm. Damn that frog!"
  • Ned: "Are fireworks legal in Mexico?"
  • Ned: "Nnnn-no moleste el gato spectacularrrr."
  • Ned: "Mmm-it looks like my ex-wife!"
  • Ned: "Mmmm-gahyah! Git along, little doggies!...AAAAAH!"
  • Ned: "Mmm whatcha got, bee-ahtch?"
  • Ned: "Shut... up... Jimbo." (Burps this out.)
  • Ned: "Is... there... re... ward... money?" (Burps this out.)
  • Ned: "Mmm. Aw, Jimbo, I can't thank you enough for the new voice box. Gmmm, now, what in the devil is this thing? Mmm-aw, what a bloody pickle this is! Did you keep the receipt, then?" (Irish voicebox.)
  • Ned: "We can't go around saving every form of life, any more than we can kill them all. We have to let nature run its course." (With a voice box that sounds just like his old voice.)

Video Games[]

South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play![]

Ned plays a major role in the game South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play! alongside Jimbo, hunting out at Stark's Pond when it is attacked by Jakovasaurs and other enemies. He and his partner both function as powered-up 'fiery-works' towers, but without costing the player any money. Neither character is playable, however, and it is unknown if the game is canon.

South Park: The Stick of Truth[]

Ned is found manning South Park's local weapon store alongside Jimbo, where the player can buy high level weapons and start a quest to hunt down several rare wild creatures.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole[]

Ned is once again found inside Jimbo's Guns with Jimbo, but is no longer behind the counter and plays no role in the storyline. After retrieving Jimbo's wallet, both characters can be summoned together to eliminate enemies, delivering "It's comin' right for us!" and with Ned throwing a live grenade.

South Park: Phone Destroyer[]

War Hero Ned is a 3-Cost Epic Ranged unit of the Adventure theme. His attacks will heal the nearest Tank ally by half of his base Attack stat. Any buffs to his Attack stack with his ability.

South Park: Snow Day![]

In The Test of Strength chapter, multiple townsfolk surround Jimbo and Ned outside the former's store, demanding for supplies amid the blizzard in South Park.



Ned in a coma ("The Mexican Staring Frog of Southern Sri Lanka").

Ned has been seen in various cameos throughout the series, usually with Jimbo.



  • Although Ned was shown to have fully recovered at the end of "South ParQ Vaccination Special", this was later retconned in "South Park: Post Covid", where he appears in a similar if not identical wheelchair that he was in at the end of "Bike Parade". He also has faded scars in the same pattern as his recently injured model in "Bike Parade". He once again appeared to have fully recovered without any scars in "Japanese Toilet".
  • In the beginning scene that shows Stone and Parker talking about South Park before the episode "Volcano", Parker says that Ned is his favorite character from the series and suggests he got throat cancer from smoking too much which is why he talks the way he does.
  • In the "Night of Bethlehem" Christmas short, it is revealed that Ned's voice-box runs on batteries.
  • In "Summer Sucks", it is implied that Ned used to have a wife, though it is unknown if she divorced Ned or passed away.
  • Ned is one of a few South Park characters whose last name has two different variants. His surname is sometimes referred to as "Gerblansky" instead of "Gerblanski".


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