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{{TabTrivia|episode=Naughty Ninjas|code = s19e07-NaughtyNinjas}}
{{TabTrivia|episode=Naughty Ninjas|code = s19e07-NaughtyNinjas}}
*It is revealed that Officer Barbrady only became a policeman to pay for his dog's medicine.
*In Officer Barbrady's house, there is a newspaper article in a frame referencing the events of "[[Chickenlover]]".
*This is the first time Officer Barbrady is seen without his sunglasses (not counting "[[Cartman Gets An Anal Probe]]").
* This is the second time the town was overrun by homeless people, the first being in "[[Night of the Living Homeless]]" back in 2007.
*This is the second time [[The Boys]], Token, Clyde, and Jimmy become ninjas since "[[Good Times with Weapons]]". Except this time, they all wore black ninja garbs, Butters was included, and Craig wasn't.
==References to Popular Culture==
* The song by NWA "[[Fuck the Police]]" plays as the townsfolk protest the [[Park County Police Force]]
*This is the first episode to focus on Officer Barbrady since "[[Toilet Paper]]".
*Cartman mentions [[Tweek]] and [[Craig]] "being" homosexual.
*Butters is still in a neck brace recovering from the injuries he sustained in "[[Safe Space]]", which were caused by his attempted suicide.
==Bradley Biggle Sightings==
''In every episode of Season 19, Bradley Biggle can be spotted in the background, much like the Visitors were in previous Seasons.''
[[Category:Trivia from Season Nineteen]]
[[Category:Trivia from Season Nineteen]]

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