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Nathan's Parents appear at the end of the Season Eighteen episode, "Handicar".


Throughout the whole of "Handicar", Nathan unsuccessfully tries to sabotage Handi Car just so that he does not have to attend summer camp. He finds it hard to communicate with his parents and so barely confides in them; he gets angry when Mimsy suggests that he simply tell them not to send him to camp. Having exhausted all other options at the end of the episode, Nathan finally confesses to his mother that he hates summer camp and does not want to go any more. Nathan's mother pretends not to understand what he says. It turns out that she and her husband are bent on sending him to camp just to ensure their trip to Italy.


They are selfish and do not care about the needs of their son, forcing him to go to camp against his will just so that they can go to Italy. Nathan's mother pretends to be loving and ignorant of what her son says, but she is in fact covering up for her and her husband.


Nathan's father has eyebrows and light brown combed hair, a double chin and large ears and wears a dark green short-sleeved shirt, black belt with a gray buckle, white pants and black shoes. The mother has brown hair and eyebrows and wears a white shirt under a blue jacket, black skirt and black shoes.


  • "Handicar" - Debut appearance. His mother pretends to not understand what he was saying but later confessed to her husband that she would "be damned" if Nathan ruins their trip to Italy.
  • "Shots!!!" - Seen at the CDC Child Immunization challenge.
  • "The Pandemic Special" - Nathan's mother appears in a Zoom conference with Mr. Mackey and other parents. Both parents would later show up in a fight among parents following an incident of students escaping from quarantine.
  • "South ParQ Vaccination Special"


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