Nathan's Parents appear in the Season Nineteen episode, "Handicar".


Nathan's parents show up at the end of the episode, when Nathan confesses to his mother that he doesn't want to go to summer camp anymore, Nathan's mother pretends not to understand what he says so he can go to camp so it doesn't mess up her and her husband's trip to Italy.


Nathan's father has eyebrows and light brown combed hair, a double chin and large ears and wears a dark green short-sleeved shirt, black belt with a gray buckle, white pants and black shoes. The mother has brown hair and eyebrows and wears a white shirt under a blue jacket, black skirt and black shoes.


Nathan's parents turned out to be quite ignorant of their son, like Nathan's mother pretending not to understand that he was saying he didn't want to go to summer camp and Nathan's father showing he didn't care about that.


  • "Handicar" - Debut appearance.
  • "Shots!!!" - Seen at the CDC Child Immunization challenge.
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