Nanny Skexis is an elderly Skexis seen in the Season Ten episode, "Tsst". She is a reference to the fantasy film The Dark Crystal as the Skeksis were the main villains of that film.


Nanny Skexis was seen during the Nanny 911 parody montage, as one of the nannies sent to discipline children who are out of control. Liane Cartman sees this program as an inspiration to get Eric Cartman to behave.

A Skexis is seen again in "Imaginationland, Episode II" as one of the evil characters that broke through the blown up barrier to attack everyone's imagination.

Another Skexis is seen again in "Imaginationland, Episode III" in the final battle.


In "Tsst" Nanny Skexis wears a red jumper and a gray and black dress with a white wig, pearl earrings and round glasses. In "Imaginationland, Episode II" a Skexis is seen wearing normal clothing.

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