NFL Owners and the Presidents were featured in the Season Eighteen episode, "Go Fund Yourself".


Dan Snyder, team owner and President of the Washington Redskins (Football Team) calls an emergency meeting of all the NFL owners with the exception of the Buffalo Bills after the Goodall-bot malfunctioned. The meeting was to ask what should be done about the other Washington Redskins (Startup Company) owned by Eric Cartman. The company uses donations from the public through the internet service Kickstarter. Even though the use of the name is legal due it being placed in the public domain by court order, Dan wants Cartman to change its name out of respect for his teams history and to avoid confusion between the two parties.

NFL Owners With Speaking Parts

  • Dan Snyder: owner of the Washington Redskins.
  • Jim Irsay: owner and CEO of the Indianapolis Colts.
  • Steve Bischiotti: owner of the Baltimore Ravens.
  • Paul Allen: owner of the Seattle Seahawks.
  • Alex Spanos: owner of the San Diego Chargers
  • Jerry Jones: owner, president, and general manager of the NFL's Dallas Cowboys.

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