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"Mystery of the Urinal Deuce"
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Episode no. Season 10
Episode 9
Production no. 1009
Original airdate October 11, 2006
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"Mystery of the Urinal Deuce" is the ninth episode of Season Ten and the 148th overall episode of South Park. It aired on October 11, 2006.[1]


The world's biggest conspiracy of all time is finally uncovered when Eric Cartman exposes the true culprit behind the September 11th attacks.[1]


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Plot details follow.

Mrs. Garrison's class is interrupted by Mr. Mackey, who claims someone has defecated in a urinal in the boys' bathroom, as he takes it really seriously. The boys find it mysterious, yet funny, at the euphemisms Mr. Mackey uses to explain what happened. Cartman believes the incident is related to 9/11 and forms a 9/11 conspiracy theory. But Kyle disregards this and tells him to shut up. Soon the police arrive to investigate the urinal case. They cannot find any clues so they call the Hardly Boys, two young 'whipperschnappers' with a knack for solving mysteries, to assist them. The Hardly Boys are incompetent, and follow their erections, to find evidence.

As the day goes on, Cartman continues to say how 9/11 was a conspiracy, comparing it to the incident with the urinal. Cartman adds that one-fourth of all Americans believe 9/11 was planned, but Stan and Kyle still dismiss his claims, believing that one-fourth of all Americans are retarded, in they compares Cartman in the group. To try to prove his point, Cartman asks this to Butters and thinks that it was planned by President Bush, and points it all to the Jews who are responsible.

Cartman goes home and researches 9/11. And during "Show and Tell" at school, he shows a PowerPoint presentation to the whole class supposedly proving 9/11 was a conspiracy by his math. He frames Kyle by putting numerous false evidence, like drawing a rough picture of him floating in the sky next to the World Trade Center with a knife in his hand. Everyone now believes Kyle is responsible for 9/11 and started to avoid him. At the Broflovski Residence, Sheila is shocked to hear about what has happened at school and decides to go to the PTA.

During the meeting, they discussed that what has happened on 9/11 should be gone over in the classrooms. Some staff and parents, however, believe it was a conspiracy, as they think the urnal incident has something to do with 9/11. Soon after, the Hardly boys are brought in by Harrison Yates, much to Mr. Mackey's chagrin.

Stan asks Kyle why the CIA is spying him and going to his house. He then tells him that he has found a website that can prove Kyle being innocent of 9/11. They go to the home of the 9/11 truth webmaster, who tells them the government is the one responsible, known as the False Flag policy. The webmaster gives Kyle two jars of anthrax, saying it is evidence of the conspiracy, but as he holds them, a SWAT team breaks into the house and takes all three away.

At South Park Elementary, Clyde goes admitting the defecating in the urinal, but his parents told Mr. Mackey that he had a colostomy at the age of five. Meanwhile, Stan, Kyle, and the webmaster are taken to the White House and get to be concoured by the president. He starts to hide the conspiracy by killing the webmaster, and Stan and Kyle learnt that 9/11 was indeed a large government conspiracy ever made, only to justify invading the Middle East so they could create an oil monopoly and make lots and lots of money. George Bush then attempts to shoot Stan and Kyle, but he misses and the duo escape the White House.

Stan and Kyle arrive in Chicago outside a McDonald's, and they see the webmaster, alive. They try to chase him until he was surrounded by them, and then shot once again by another man who takes both boys with him. He brings them to his residence and is later revealed to be the father of the Hardly Boys, telling them that they may have solved the conspiracy by missing one clue. However, all conspiracy websites are revealed to be run by the government, in which, both conspiracies are connected. Bush appears out of the shadows and confesses that he and the government were not responsible for 9/11. When Kyle asks why the government did not just tell the truth about September 11, Bush replied that they had done so, but since one-fourth of all Americans are retarded, they might as well let them believe the government is all-powerful and would willfully commit a terrorist attack on its own country. The Hardly Boys' father questions how everyone knew they were there, which Stan points a gun to Kyle's head. He now confesses that he was the one who defecated in the urinal, he did not knew it was a big deal to the school. The whole reason he brought Kyle along was to make him believe the incident was a conspiracy done by the government, and that they controlled the website, who went along with this to make people think they are more powerful than they really are. So the Muslims were the ones responsible to 9/11, with everyone calling Kyle a retard.

Stan returns to school and receives punishment by cleaning the urinal to hide his mistake, laughing uncontrollably at Mr. Mackey's euphemisms for pooping again.


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