The Museum of Tolerance Guide was a one-off character that appeared in the episode "The Death Camp of Tolerance".


The boys are sent to the Museum of Tolerance when they prejudice against Mr. Garrison for his exaggeratedly homosexual actions in class, even though Garrison is doing these things to get banned. The guide sends the boys through the Tunnel of Prejudice, where expletives are yelled at them, and the Hall of Stereotypes, which contains exhibits of different stereotypes.

The tour ends and they go outside, where the guide tells the boys they must be tolerant of other people. She then yells at a smoker, being ironically intolerant to him.

She was last seen handing Mr. Garrison the "Tolerance Award" to show him that the society accepts his gayness.


She is a Caucasian woman with black hair, and light blue dress with her cleavage slightly exposed. She can be seen wearing a Star of David necklace which implies she is Jewish.

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