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Muscleman Marc was a toy owned by Eric Cartman that appeared in the Season Fifteen episode "1%" along with Clyde Frog, Rumpertumskin, Polly Prissypants and Peter Panda.


After Peter Panda is set on fire, Cartman takes Marc to Tolkien's House, where he believes he will be safe. However, shortly thereafter, Cartman finds him in pot of boiling of water. Marc was apparently killed by another toy of Cartman's, Polly Prissypants, who was, in reality, a manifestation of Cartman's twisted subconscious.


Marc has short black hair, is topless, wears a pair of brown pants and black shoes with white laces. His name is written on his belt buckle. He is shown to be muscular, small, and covered in what appear to be stickers in the likeness of tattoos. The stickers are in the shape of stars and Cartman's other toys Clyde Frog and Rumpertumskin.


  • Muscleman Marc is modeled after fashion clothes designer and business entrepreneur Marc Jacobs. He was added to Cartman's toy collection as an homage to Jacobs after series creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone learned he had tattoos of Clyde Frog and Rumpertumskin.

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