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Fa Mulan, better known as Mulan, is a Disney character who stars in the movie of the same name. She appears in the Season Twenty-Three episode, "Board Girls".


PC Principal gets Strong Woman ready for the Strong Woman competition, only to be interrupted by the PC Babies, who cry when Mulan airs on television. PC Principal is puzzled as to why the PC Babies do not like Mulan. Strong Woman explains that this is because Mulan is a female who poses as male but the movie does not take the time to address real trans issues. PC Principal uses the remote to turn it off to Anderson Cooper by confirming the PC Babies happily.


Mulan wears military attire from the Ming and Qing Dynasty - a dark green armored top with light green sleeves, long light brown pants, and black and blue shoes. Her hair is tied up in a bun and she has thick eyebrows. She is also seen holding Mushu, her guardian dragon. She is scowling aggressively.


  • On the television screen, Mulan is shown operating artillery, using Mushu to light the fuse.
  • In "Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy", when Ms. Stevenson takes Ike to run away with her to Milan, he says, "Yay, Mulan!" It is possible that he mistook Milan for Mulan.
  • In "The Pandemic Special", Randy Marsh accuses Mickey Mouse of making "a deal with the devil when you sold your Mulan shit to China". This is a reference to the 2020 live-action film Mulan, which has come under heavy criticism regarding controversies involving filming in Xinjiang Province, which is known for violating human rights and two of its main actors (Liu Yifei and Donnie Yen) supporting China and the Hong Kong police during the Hong Kong protests.
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