Ms. Stevenson took over as the new Kindergarten teacher after some point of Mr. Garrison's departure. She made her introduction and departure in the episode "Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy".


She had long blond hair and was considered by most of the men in town to be attractive. She was revealed to be a pedophile when she began to have a relationship with one of her students, Ike, who she stated was mature enough for a relationship despite his age (he was 3 or 4 years old at the time). Their relationship was highly intimate, with them regularly dating and even having sex at Ms. Stevenson's house. She tried to keep her relationship secret from the rest of the town.

Ms. Stevenson's relationship with Ike was exposed by Kyle, and was ultimately turned in by Cartman, as he was the school hall monitor and caught the couple making out in the halls. Yet, she escaped jail by claiming to be an alcoholic and was sent to rehab. When she got out, she took Ike and the two prepared to flee to Milan. She later stated that she and Ike dreamed of buying a house in Tuscany. Unfortunately, they were pursued by Cartman and Kyle, who brought along an entire crew of thugs Cartman had hired to help him guard the school halls. They stormed the hotel to stop the couple from fleeing the country, and Ms. Stevenson and Ike fled to the roof of the airport Hilton. They were cornered by the boys and the police, who demanded that she surrender. Not wanting anyone interfering with their love life, Ms. Stevenson said she and Ike would jump off of the building so that she could be with Ike for eternity. However, Kyle convinced Ike that there were others out there for him and that his first love is not his best. Ms. Stevenson did not listen to reason and jumped, but Ike did not.

Ms. Stevenson realized Ike had abandoned her before she died on impact to the ground. Ms. Stevenson's inappropriate actions may have been caused by a fact revealed during her rehab, where she told her counselor that her uncle made her and her sister kiss each other, however, she could have lied about it.

Ms. Stevenson has since been replaced by another Kindergarten teacher, as seen in "Fatbeard". She has yet to be named.

Criminal Record


Ms. Stevenson wore a dark gray sweater with a pink shirt underneath. She wore a blue knee-length skirt and black high heeled shoes.


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