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Mrs. White is the wife of Bob White and the mother of Jason and Crystal White. She and her husband are earnest supporters of President Garrison, meriting the White family a bad reputation in South Park. She first appears in the Season Twenty-One finale episode, "Splatty Tomato".


Mrs. White has long, light brown shoulder-length hair and arched lips. She wears a cherry red buttoned-up blouse and blue ankle high jeans. Around her neck, she dons a golden necklace.

While attending Jason's funeral in "Season Finale", she wore a black coat with a small white flower over a black shirt, a long skirt, gray stockings, and high-heeled shoes. She also wore a black hat and gloves, and a golden cross around her neck. She had makeup streaming down her face.

In the movie "South Park: Post Covid", she is an elderly woman and has various wrinkles on her face. Her hair has completely grayed out. She wears a pink cardigan with a yellow flower design over a pink shirt with a collar, a white undershirt, a light gray scarf, a long, faded teal skirt, gray stockings, and black slip-on shoes.


Typically mute and devoid of much meaningful expression, it is clear her son Jason takes after her. Like her husband, Mrs. White is a parody of supporters of the 45th president, Donald Trump. At the end of "Season Finale", she and her husband betray the other citizens of South Park, even after seemingly being convinced to do otherwise, proving themselves to be double-dealing and deceitful.


  • "Splatty Tomato" - Confronts the school about their qualms with the staff voicing their liberal opinions to their children.
  • "Season Finale" - Her son Jason gets killed by police, and the family adopts a new child, Alejandro, from the ICE. She is later seen fighting for Randy's freedom.
  • "Basic Cable" - Seen in the Blacks vs. Whites series on Amazon Prime Video.
  • "Christmas Snow" - Loses her "Christmas Spirit" after liquor is prohibited during the holidays, but cheers up after Randy comes up with his Christmas special.
  • "The Pandemic Special" - Appeared in a Zoom conference with Mr. Mackey and other parents.
  • "South ParQ Vaccination Special"


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