Mrs. Malkinson is the mother of Scott Malkinson who appeared on Season 23 episode, "Basic Cable". She was spotted at the beginning of the episode serving lunch to her son and was later seen with her husband, Clark Malkinson watching TV, when Scott comes home to warn about the diabetes girl he met at school, she is proud of him.


Mrs. Malkinson has combed brown hair and is overweight. She wears a pale red sweater, green pants and black shoes. She also wears round gray glasses and very small earrings.


Scott Malkinson

Scott is the son of Mrs. Malkinson. They seem to have a good relationship, as she was glad Scott had met a girl with diabetes at school.

Clark Malkinson

Clark is the husband of Mrs. Malkinson. It is not clear what her relationship with Clark is. Clark was seen talking to her while watching television.

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