Mrs. Feegan, Larry Feegan's mother, is a passionate vegan. Her sole appearance was in the Season Fifteen episode, "Broadway Bro Down".


Stan Marsh and his sister Shelly stay the weekend at the Feegan's home while Randy takes Sharon to see Broadway musicals in New York City.

During dinner, Mr. Feegan preaches about veganism. Shelly gets into a confrontation with him when she suggests letting Larry decide for himself if he wants to be a vegan. Larry is obviously afraid of his parents, not daring to speak up to them, and waves at Shelly to keep going. When Shelly suggests letting Larry have a nice steak once in a while to prevent him from being bullied at school, Mr. and Mrs. Feegan get very angry.

Larry sees this as an act of bravery and begins trying to win the acceptance of Shelly. They form a budding relationship, during which Mrs. Feegan visits the Marshes and chats with Sharon over tea. She expresses appreciation for Shelly for helping Larry to come out of his shell. While she is nervous about him taking off his life vest, she feels that they should take chances. She also sees potential in Randy's musical venture.


Mrs. Feegan and her husband have been over-protective of their son all along, forcing him to be a vegan and to wear a life vest at all times. It is evident that he is afraid of his parents and does not dare to question them. However, she appears to be nicer and more open-minded than her husband. When she talks to Sharon Marsh, she is willing to take a chance letting Larry take off his life jacket. She also expresses goodwill, wishing Randy success in his musical venture.


Mrs. Feegan has short blond hair, blond eyebrows, visible ears and nose, and pink lipstick. She wears a navy blue polo tee and turquoise track pants, both of which have white stripes on either side. She wears navy blue slider flip flops with white stripes. She wears the same shirt and flip flops as her husband. Like the rest of her family, she wears an orange life vest around her neck at all times to prevent drowning; indicating that they are probably Survivalists.


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