Mr. and Mrs. Weatherhead are a foster family that fosters many children. They are the main antagonists in the Season Fifteen episode, "The Poor Kid".


The foster home is devoutly neither religious, or atheist, having strict rules regarding their "agnosticism", which include believing in an "uncertainty" ideology. The Punishment Room, where a power washer (connected to a keg-like barrel of Dr. Pep-er), is used as a form of torture for children not abiding by the Weatherheads' strict agnostic rules. The Weatherheads only drink Dr. Pep-er due to them "not knowing" what flavor it is, falling in line with their agnostic beliefs, and force their foster children to do the same. As agnostics, no particular belief system or deity is ever used to explain their military-like rules.

They continued to keep up this abuse when Kenny McCormick came into their care with his younger sister and older brother, due to their parents being arrested for operating a meth lab. Kenny helped his little sister cope with the new life at the Weatherhead home. When the Weatherheads were abusing their children in the Punishment Room, Kenny sought to put an end to it permanently. He dressed up as his superhero alter ego, Mysterion, fills the bedroom walls with question marks, breaks some glass to get their attention, leads them to a window where Mysterion jumps out of, where the Weatherheads find a note to look in the fridge. They find a Pabst Blue Ribbon inside the fridge. The Weatherheads drink the beer and they are soon arrested for public intoxication and child abuse. After this, they lose custody of all the foster children and are currently residing in jail.(Likely for first time.)


Mr. Weatherhead has black hair and black eyebrows. He wears a green button-up, collared t-shirt and gray, pressed slacks. He also wears a black belt and black formal shoes.

Mrs. Weatherhead has wavy, brown hair and brown eyebrows. She wears a yellow button-up shirt and blue skirt. She also wears black slippers.


  • Mr. and Mrs. Weatherhead are similar to, and clearly based on bad and overly strict foster parents such as the Dursleys from the Harry Potter series and Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spiker from James and the Giant Peach.
  • Their mention of their agnostic beliefs nearly every other sentence is likely a parody of overly strict Christian/Jewish/Muslim parents.
  • The Weatherheads personas are likely a parody of the show The World's Strictest Parents, a British and Australian reality TV show where troubled teenagers spend a week with Evangelical Fundamentalist parents and their strict guidelines.
  • Their "Punishment Room" is likely a reference to parents who allegedly use intimidation and abuse to force religion on their children.
  • The Twentieth Century agnosticism movement was founded by Leslie Weatherhead and his teachings were adopted by the Unification Church. This is likely where their surnames stem from.

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