Mr. and Mrs. Triscotti[2] appeared in "Go God Go". They are Linda Triscotti's parents. They are strict Catholics who reprimanded South Park Elementary for teaching evolution to their daughter.


Mr. Triscotti

Mr. Triscotti has shiny, dark brown hair, facial wrinkles, and an abnormally large nose. He wears a brown coat, white shirt, gray tie, brown belt and black pants. He also wears black-framed, circular glasses. In the season 17 intro, he can be seen near the Catholic Church.

Mrs. Triscotti

Mrs. Triscotti has long, light brown hair. She wears a light gray, button-up coat, white shirt, dark blue, ankle-length skirt, an orange scarf, and dark purple stockings.


Mr. Triscotti

He is a very strict Catholic. He was shown to react in anger when anything that challenged his faith was taught to his daughter.

Mrs. Triscotti

Little is know about her personality, due to the fact that she had no speaking role, however, we can assume she feels similarly to Mr. Triscotti about evolution as she let him reprimand the school with no objection or argument.


Linda Triscotti

Mr. and Mrs. Triscotti are Linda Triscotti's parents. They seem to push their religion on her, with Mr. Triscotti telling her "No you don't! Shut up!", after she told him that she wanted to learn evolution.


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