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*"[[A Scause For Applause]]"
*"[[A Scause For Applause]]"
*"[[Naughty Ninjas]]"- Seen flipping off the Police.
*"[[Naughty Ninjas]]"- Seen flipping off the Police.
*"[[The End of Serialization as We Know It]]"

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Mr. Turner is Heidi Turner's father. Mr. Turner is portrayed as a very muscular man. He is a stereotypical over-protective father, as shown in many movies, making sure his daughter doesn't get into any trouble. Three different versions of Mr. Turner were shown in "Probably", "Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow", and "Marjorine". These errors were likely the result of Heidi's character model not being finalized, due to her status as a background character.



Heidi's original father was shown in "Probably", attempting to take her out of Cartman's cult. He was killed after a piece of wood fell on him. It is possible that this new father is an adoptive father.

"Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow"

Heidi's second father appeared in "Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow", where he was seen hiding with his wife, his daughter, and, presumably, his son.


Heidi's third father appeared in "Marjorine", where he was watching over the girls at Heidi's slumber party making sure that there were no boys at the party. He looked out the window in one scene with binoculars looking straight into Craig Tucker's Binoculars. He then yelled: "Ahaa! I knew it! Boy's at the slumber party!" Butters Stotch, hearing this, presumed he was talking about him, and took the "future telling device" and ran away.

He also makes small cameos in "200" and "201" during crowd scenes. He also appeared in "Jewpacabra", where he was seen at the Easter egg hunt.


Mr. Turner has short, blond hair with two bangs hanging down in front. He has a blond mustache similar to that of Randy Marsh, Stan's father. He wears a green t-shirt and black pants. Mr. Turner is also very muscular.



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