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Mr. Thompson is a teacher at South Park Elementary who first appears in the Season Twelve episode, "Eek, A Penis!".


In "Eek, A Penis!" when Herbert Garrison returns to teaching, he tells the gathered students and staff that the difference between men and women is that only women can have babies, and that anyone who cannot have babies is a man. Thompson interrupts and points out that since his wife has ovarian cancer, she cannot have children. Garrison responds flamboyantly to him "well, then get an AIDS test, Thompson, 'cause your wife's a dude, faggot."; Garrison then proudly remarks that he is "back", displaying his flamboyant, homophobic tendencies from earlier seasons, and celebrates.

When PC Principal arrives in town in "Stunning and Brave, he mentions hearing in his research about a "teacher who said women without wombs should get an AIDS test", referring to the interaction with Thompson. Garrison simply laughs it off as he had been a "lesbian" at the time.

Mr. Thompson attends school meetings in multiple episodes including "Sarcastaball", "Hummels & Heroin" and "SUPER HARD PCness".

In "South ParQ Vaccination Special", Mr. Garrison confuses him with a different Thompson, asking the older man if he had ever gotten "that AIDS test" he mentioned to this character.


He has dark brown hair that is balding on top of his head that seems slightly messy, with sideburns and a mustache. He wears a white sleeved-shirt with short sleeves and a prominent collar, and a dark brown vest with a diamond-shaped, blue and chartreuse pattern on it. He wears dark gray pants.



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