Mr. Slave's Residence is home to Mr. Slave and his husband Big Gay Al. It appeared in the Season Nine episode "Follow That Egg!".

Exterior Appearance

Mr. Slave's house is built differently to every other house in South Park. It is only one story high, with an adjoining garage to the left. It is colored red with a white door and silver garage.

Interior Appearance

Mr. Slave's house has a front room shown, most likely a living room. In South Park: The Stick of Truth a kitchen and bedroom are shown.


South Park: The Stick of Truth

Side Quest

Mr. Slave gives his side-quest here to pick up his package, as he picked up Liane Cartman's package by mistake. When The New Kid gives it to him, he receives a summon.

Sally Bands can be found behind a tree outside as part of "Hide and Seek".

One of the human barriers to knock down is located outside.



  • Rawhide Whip - Complete "Mr. Slave's Package".


  • Mr. Slave - Complete "Mr. Slave's Package".
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