Mr. Service is the name adopted for a Secret Service agent working under Herbert Garrison. He appears in Season Twenty-Four episode "South ParQ Vaccination Special".


After having served as the President of the United States, Mr. Service was employed as an secret service agent to Mr. Garrison. While Garrison was applying to be teacher once again at South Park Elementary, PC Principal noted that Mr. Garrison had previously served as the President and was concerned on security issues. Mr. Garrison assured that it was taken care of, introducing the secret service agent to PC Principal. Mr. Service was also used as Garrison's teaching assistant.

Garrison later apprehended a Tutornon female teacher for stealing students away from his class, ordering Mr. Service to strangle her.

As Robert White takes Garrison along to stop vaccines from reaching school faculty, they ended up in a frozen tundra, and Mr. Service complained that his balls were shrinking. Following digital manipulations, Mr. Service was turned into Mr. Hat.


Mr. Service wears the top half of a black business suit with a red tie under, and a blue cod piece. He has a pair of sunglasses and is barefoot.

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