Mr. Peters is a character who appears in the Season Fifteen episode "Crack Baby Athletic Association". He is based on Peter Moore, who was the head of the Electronic Arts sports division at the time of the episode's airing.


When the Crack Baby Athletic Association attempts to get the rights to a video game called "Crack Baby Basketball", they find out that EA Sports gets all the rights to the video game and they get nothing. Mr. Peters mockingly tells them that they didn't get nothing, they got experience in business and after Kyle tells him they were going to build an orphanage, he says "Fuck you" to them and tells them to "get the fuck outta my buildin'".


Mr. Peters has an almost bald head with gray hair on the sides. He has a large forehead, gray eyebrows, and a gray goatee. He wears a gray vest with a handkerchief in the pocket, a turquoise shirt underneath, a red tie, black pants, and black shoes. He is seen holding a cigar.



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