Mr. Ose is a Japanese man who appeared as Emperor Hirohito's aide in the Season Three episode "Chinpokomon".


Mr. Ose helps Emperor Hirohito try to brainwash the children of South Park using Chinpokomon products in order for them to bomb Pearl Harbor until the parents foil their plan by liking Chinpokomon themselves so the kids won't think Chinpokomon is cool anymore.

Like Emperor Hirohito, Mr. Ose distracts several people in the episode by talking about how big their penises are in comparison to his, though at one point, he tries to use this tactic on Sharon Marsh, a female.

Mr. Ose also makes an appearance in the "2000 New Year's Countdown" short, where he is up to say "five", though he instead says "Go!"

Mr. Ose also sings the Christmas carol "We Three Kings" on the Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics album.


Mr. Ose has short combed black hair and thick black eyebrows. He wears a dark blue suit over a white shirt and black tie as well as dark blue pants and black shoes. Like several Asian characters on the show, he has squinted eyes.


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