Mr. McArthur is Red McArthur's father. He made his first appearance in "Sexual Healing".


"Sexual Healing"

Mr. McArthur is on the left.

He makes his debut appearance in this episode where he is one of many in a line seen watching Tiger Woods play golf.

"The Problem with a Poo"

He appears in this episode at a City Council meeting where the council decides to cut the budget of Mr. Hankey's Christmas pageant by half.

"The Pandemic Special"

This episode is the first time Mr. McArthur does not appear with the City Council and is also the first time he speaks. In the episode, the students are quarantined in school for two weeks. Students are only given five minutes to have Zoom calls with their parents in the computer lab. Red is seen on a call with her parents. Mr. McArthur tells her that they miss her and cannot wait for quarantine to be over.

Only his wife attends the parent-teacher Zoom call with Mr. Mackey earlier in the episode.


Mr. McArthur has dark brown hair. He wears a brown v-neck pullover with a light brown neckline, under which he wears a brown collared shirt. He wears dark gray pants with a black belt and black shoes.


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