For South Park Elementary's counsellor, see Mr. Mackey.

Mr. Mackey Senior is Mr. Mackey's father, who appeared briefly in the Season Six episode, "Child Abduction is Not Funny".


In "Child Abduction is Not Funny", Mr. Mackey's parents are at South Park Elementary to prevent him from being abducted. Although Mr. Mackey Senior's name was not acknowledged, he refers to Mackey as "Junior", thus giving the idea that the two share a common first name.

He does not appear "Insheeption", despite the episode being set in Mackey's childhood. It is later revealed in "Royal Pudding" that Mr. Mackey Senior was taken and presumably killed by Tooth Decay two years prior.


Mr. Mackey Senior wears blue shoes, gray pants, and a red turtleneck shirt. He also wears a teal, button-up sweater and small-framed eyeglasses. Mackey is mostly bald, but has gray hair on the sides of his head. He has a large head, alike Mr. Mackey, and has large ears.



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