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Mr. Mackey's Childhood Residence is the current residence of Mrs. Mackey Senior and the house that Mr. Mackey lived in as a child from the 1970s to the 1980s. It first appeared in the Season Fourteen episode "Insheeption".


After a psychiatrist named Dr. Chinstrap hypnotizes Stan and Mr. Mackey to help get rid of their hoarding problems in "Insheeption", they are both sent into Mr. Mackey's dream, which takes place at this residence in the 1970s when Mr. Mackey was a child. After being chased by Mackey's bully Billy Thompson, they go to Mackey's childhood home, which Mackey describes as his happy place. While there, Mr. Mackey plays with a few of his toys, such as Lite-Brite and Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots, and watches his favorite childhood show, Zoom. Billy later arrives to threaten Mackey that he will do things to him that he won't forget on the field trip to Frisco Woods the next day.

In "Back To The Cold War", it is shown that Mrs. Mackey still lives in the same residence and has left her son's former room alone and untouched since he left.



The exterior of the house has an attached garage and multiple windows. The walls are colored light brown and it has a gray roof.


The living room, briefly seen, has a brown floor and gray walls with a lime couch, a lamp, and a small dresser. The kitchen has orange tiling on the floor and tan walls with brown counters.

As a child, Mackey's bedroom has a yellow floor, a rainbow circular carpet, and gray walls with many space-related objects on them, as seen in "Insheeption". It was at some point repainted to pink walls and a purple carpet, packed with contemporary memorabilia including Smurf and Garfield plushies, a life-size ET, a Dino-Rider toy, a Star Wars Slave I toy, posters for "Thriller", Max Headroom, Rambo, Duran Duran, MTV, and Pepsi, file cabinets, an old television with an Atari 2600 setup, and a DOS computer with floppy disks and a landline telephone, and left in this state afterward.


  • Based on a calendar seen in Mackey's bedroom in "Back To The Cold War", he last lived in this house in March 1987; he would have been around twenty years old at that time based on the age stated in the same episode.


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