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Mr. Mackey

Mr. Mackey, Jr. is the guidance counselor at South Park Elementary, best known for his frequent habit of saying "m'kay" at the end of his sentences. He also serves on the City Council as head of Public Health. His first name is unknown.

He first appears in the Season One episode "Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo" and is voiced by Trey Parker.



Mackey is known to have a talent in singing and has sung the following songs:

Criminal Record[]

  • Attempted Murder/Kidnapping: In "Bass to Mouth", Mr. Mackey, with assistance from Principal Victoria and Mr. Adler, tries to distract the public from a possible school scandal by tying up Eric Cartman and literally throwing him in front of a bus.
  • Child sexual abuse (falsely accused): He is one of the many adults accused of molesting children in "The Wacky Molestation Adventure". However, the kids only made this accusation to get all the adults in town arrested and have the whole city to themselves.
  • Giving drugs to minors: In "Ike's Wee Wee", he gives a bowl of marijuana to the fourth graders for them to smell. However, he did it for educational purposes.
  • Threat: In "Insheeption", Mr. Mackey threatens to rape Stan "in the mouth" after the latter interferes with his trash.
  • Violation and obstruction of the Pure Food and Drug Act: In "Bass to Mouth", at Cartman's suggestion, Mr. Mackey, Mr. Adler, and Principal Victoria serve the students pizza tainted with laxatives as a reward for their test scores.



Mackey wears a green long-sleeved dress shirt, blue tie, dark blue slacks, and blue leather shoes. His hair is black and is thinning. He wears large, black-rimmed glasses. Mackey is well known for his exaggeratedly large balloon head. He has a pointed nose and dimples near the edges of his mouth. It has been implied in "Ike's Wee Wee" that the size of his head is caused by the tightness of his tie. Yet, in "Child Abduction is Not Funny", his parents are shown to have the same condition, and in "Proper Condom Use", his tie is removed before he and Ms. Choksondik have intercourse, and his head remains the same size.

In the future timeline set in South Park: Post Covid, he wears a green Hawaiian t-shirt, dark blue pants, and a light blue cap. His head is saggier.

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Mr. Mackey is one of the few relatively sensible and level-headed adults in South Park. He has occasionally taught classes at the school and taught sex education with Ms. Choksondik. After her death, he took over the fourth-grade class until Mr. Garrison returned. During a drug-education class, Mr. Mackey passes some marijuana around the classroom, and it was stolen (apparently by one of the children, though it is later revealed that the actual thief was Mr. Garrison). For this, Mr. Mackey is fired by the school, and evicted by his landlord, and, feeling depressed, he ends up taking drugs himself. He hates it when the children at the school defecate in the urinals and has used at least seven different terms for the word "crap", including "mud monkey" and "chocolate corn/hot dog". He also enjoys messing with pranksters and is a prankster himself as seen in "Summer Sucks". He sides with the "Rock n' Roll" side in "I'm a Little Bit Country" but is later seen as a John McCain supporter in "About Last Night...". He is not very proficient with computers, as seen in "The Ungroundable". In "How to Eat with Your Butt", Mr. Mackey suggests to Cartman he should pursue a career writing for the show Friends, implying that he is not a fan of the show.


Mr. Mackey portrayed as a child in "Insheeption".

It is revealed in "Insheeption" that Mr. Mackey is a hoarder as a result of intense psychological trauma as a child. Mr. Mackey is shown as a timid fourth grader in 1974 who is bullied by a group of children led by Billy Thompson. It is also revealed that Mr. Mackey was a fan of Woodsy Owl, who at the end of the field trip during his fourth-grade year, molested him. His "give a hoot, don't pollute" message stuck in Mackey's mind as he repressed the memory, causing his hoarding tendencies.

However, over the time of the series, he developed a very bad temper. In "Insheeption" he angrily states to Stan Marsh that he will rape him in the mouth if Stan throws anything that he hoarded in his office away. In "Royal Pudding" he directed the kindergarten musical about tooth decay but grew evermore aggressive and verbally abusive after numerous production problems and what he considered lazy performances.


Mr. and Mrs. Mackey Senior[]

Mr. and Mrs. Mackey Senior are the parents of Mr. Mackey. In Child Abduction is Not Funny, Mr. Mackey's parents stick together to their son as they will make sure nobody hurts him.

Mrs. Mackey[]


Mr. Mackey with his hippie wife

In "Ike's Wee Wee", after he became an outcast for supposedly giving drugs to the children, Mr. Mackey met up with a young female drug addict, who invited him to her house to finger-paint. He accepted, and a short while later, at her place, she said "they should get married and have their honeymoon in India". He agreed, but then he was rescued by the A-Team who put him into rehab. His wife has never been seen since, as she was left in India. A goof is that in "Proper Condom Use", he states that the last time he had sex was 21 years ago (which accounts for his age as he also mentions he was 19 at the time). However, he clearly had sex with Mrs. Mackey. However, this is clearly backed up by the fact that he was high, so he could not remember it, like in "Proper Condom Use".

Liane Cartman[]

Mr. Mackey is seen flirting with Liane Cartman in "Cat Orgy" at his meteor shower party. When Eric Cartman calls his mother to complain about Shelley Marsh, who is watching him, she appears to not hear him and provides no help.

In "Something You Can Do with Your Finger", Cartman finds a tape that was recorded between his mother and Mr. Mackey, where he was her sex slave and had to drink out of a cup Liane urinated in.

In "Tsst", Mr. Mackey had a parent-teacher meeting with Liane, to discuss Cartman's behavior. This led to her bursting into tears, claiming that she is unable to control him. Afterwards, Mr. Mackey suggests calling one of the nanny reality television shows.

Ms. Diane Choksondik[]


Mr. Mackey and Ms. Choksondik about to have sex.

During her introduction in "Fourth Grade", Mr. Mackey finds Ms. Choksondik, like the other teachers, disgusting, especially her sagging breasts. However, in "Proper Condom Use" Ms. Choksondik taught the girls about sex, and Mr. Mackey taught the boys. The two start to talk personally with each other, and this ultimately led to the two of them having intercourse. Indeed, after Ms. Choksondik's corpse was studied in "The Simpsons Already Did It", Mr. Mackey's semen was found in her stomach. The news anchor explains that the semen was not what killed her, leaving the audience to presume that Ms. Choksondik took some irony to her name and died choking on Mr. Mackey's penis.

Principal Victoria[]

He is very often seen with Principal Victoria, even outside of school, but there has never been any concrete evidence that they are in any sort of relationship, other than business, especially since the Principal's husband appeared in "About Last Night...". They do seem to have a friendly, casual relationship, though. In fact, Mr. Mackey hangs around Principal Victoria enough to look like not only the counselor, but more a vice principal, although in "PC Principal Final Justice", it was revealed that he got Principal Victoria fired due to being used and not being listened to for 18 years.

Hot Tub[]

In "Two Guys Naked in a Hot Tub", at his party, Mr. Mackey shows his guests his backyard hot tub and says he gets a lot of action because of it, jokingly. It was revealed in "Proper Condom Use" that he had not had sex in 21 years (besides with his "wife", when he was drugged).


  • Mr. Mackey: "Why, Clyde? Why did you do it?"
    Clyde: "I don't know."
    Mr. Mackey: "You got a whole school here, Clyde! M'kay? You got over three hundred people that need to use the boys' room. Then, you decide you're gonna be a comedian, m'kay, and pinch one-off in the urinal, and leave it layin' there for everyone to have to look at! Okay, okay, you think it's funny, but nobody else does! They gotta walk in that bathroom and see your rancid dook propped up against the back of the urinal like a brown rag doll!
    Principal Victoria: "Mr. Mackey, Clyde's parents are here."
    Mr. Mackey: "M'kay, that's good! Let's see what your mom and dad have to say about your little poopscapade! Come on in, please. I'm just trying to get your son to explain why... he would drop a dook in the urinal!" ... "M'kay, m'kay."
  • Mr. Mackey: "Drugs are bad, m'kay?"


  • Rare among major adult characters, his first name is not revealed, though it is known he has his father's according to "Child Abduction is Not Funny".
  • In "Insheeption", we learn that Mr. Mackey was a "level 5 office hoarder", meaning that he had a hoarding disorder (which he was cured of at the end of the episode by his dream therapy).
  • Also in "Insheeption", we learn that he was raped (or at the very least molested) when he was in fourth grade by an anti-littering mascot called Woodsy Owl.
  • He has a verbal tic which causes him to almost always insert the word "m'kay" into his sentences (usually at the end or after a clause). This is his most well-known character trait. He speaks fluent Spanish and inserts "m'bien", the equivalent Spanish word, into his sentences when speaking the language, as shown in "Rainforest Shmainforest". However, in newer seasons, he does not seem to say "m'kay" as much as he used to.
  • In keeping with his nervous habits as an adult, he is shown to be a very nervous child in "Insheeption". Aside from his verbal tic, he is shown frequently tapping his knuckles together and behaving quite skittishly; shaking profusely and jumping when talked to. He seems to have had a very traumatic time at school, referring to his bedroom as "his happy place" in the same episode.
  • Trey Parker stated on the commentary on the Season One DVD that this character was based on his school counselor Mr. Lackey, "[Mr. Lackey used to say], 'Trey, quit fooling around and get back to your schoolwork, m'kay' 'but, now, I'm making millions out of him'".
  • Mackey is one of two teachers at South Park Elementary, the other being Mr. Garrison, who have been fired from their jobs but later reinstated.
  • It was implied in "Ike's Wee Wee" that his head size is caused due to his tie. Yet, in "Child Abduction is Not Funny", his parents are shown to have the same condition (though this might simply be because they all tie their ties too tightly.) However, in "Proper Condom Use", his tie is removed before he and Ms. Choksondik have intercourse, and his head remains the same size. This may simply be a continuity error or goof, or perhaps his tie would have to be removed for a limited time his head to shrink.
  • In "Roger Ebert Should Lay off the Fatty Foods", he is shown to possess a mild psychic ability; using a "mild-meld" to discover what's happening to the brainwashed children. This has not been used since then.
  • He appears to be on good terms with all of the faculty staff; he and Principal Victoria are shown spending together outside of school, he and Chef appear to interact with each other favorably and he was invited to Mr. Mackey's meteor shower party in "Cat Orgy" and "Two Guys Naked in a Hot Tub", and he frequently tries to help Mr. Garrison with his various mental health problems, going as far as to track down and visit his family to intervene and "save Mr. Garrison's life", describing himself as Mr. Garrison's therapist to his father in "World Wide Recorder Concert".
  • In "Child Abduction is Not Funny", his father is seen, but in "Royal Pudding", his father is said to have been dead for two years. Though the episodes aired almost a decade apart, in-universe, they could not have taken place more than nine months apart.
  • He seems to hold a grudge against Kyle, as seen in "Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo", "Tonsil Trouble", and "Royal Pudding".
  • In "Butterballs", it is revealed that Mr. Mackey has an internet degree.
  • He tends to use euphemisms for various words. In "Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo", he used the word "mookystinks" to describe fecal matter, and in "Clubhouses", he would use the words "skylarkings" and "tomfoolery" to describe Stan Marsh's note passing.
  • He is very obsessive about people pooping in toilets and urinals.
  • From Season Nineteen to Season Twenty-Three, he was the only staff member from the first season that still works at the school. Chef died in the Season Ten episode "The Return of Chef", Herbert Garrison ran for presidency (and then went missing) and Principal Victoria was fired from her job. Mr. Garrison would later return to teaching in Season Twenty-Four.
  • In "Mystery of the Urinal Deuce" he shown to be over compulsive against people clogging up the urinal in the boy's bathroom.
  • The University of Colorado-Boulder, where Trey and Matt went to college and met, has a building called Macky Auditorium.

Video Games[]

South Park: The Stick of Truth[]

Mr. Mackey first appears in Detention Sentence watching over kids under detention and having hallway monitors stationed around the school to catch intruders. Mr. Mackey took particular attention on Craig, who had previously escaped from detention. Meanwhile, The New Kid is on a quest to rescue Craig out of detention, defeating the hallway monitors, which caught the attention of Mr. Mackey. Through the PA system, he inadvertently reveals the method to gain access to the keys required to unlock the detention hall.

He would later appear in the Park County Community Center taking part in the PTA meeting. Following the meeting, as Randy is teaching the New Kid a new fart power, Randy instructs them to use their newly learnt skill on Mr. Mackey, who was using the toilet.

Mr. Mackey would remain in the community center to manage a small shop. He is also the quest giver for Wasted Cache, where he requests the New Kid's help to drop off a monitor at his storage room in U-STOR-IT, while denying that he has a hoarding problem.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole[]

Mr. Mackey invites the New Kid for two counselling sessions in The Talk and The Talk 2: The Gendering regarding their gender issues. After the New Kid has selected their own sex/gender, Mr. Mackey will call the New Kid's parents regarding their choices.

After Mitch Conner had been sworn in as mayor of South Park, the New Kid attempted to travel back in time in order to stop the inauguration, only to be brought further into the future. While in the future timeline, the New Kid, along with Toolshed, Human Kite, and Mysterion, encountered Mr. Mackey high on alcohol, who was later beheaded by the Woodland Critters.

In Therapy Wars, he held a counselling session for Super Craig and Wonder Tweek on their estranged relationship, bringing out the Therapy Kids to fight the superheroes.

South Park: Phone Destroyer[]

Mr. Mackey is a 4-Cost Common Fighter of the Neutral class. His ability gives all kid cards an attack buff as long as they are near him.

South Park: Snow Day![]

During the tutorial, the New Kid comes across Mr. Mackey who is stuck behind a ice block in school. Mr. Mackey tells the New Kid to return to their online class.


Mr. Mackey has thus far had a speaking role in multiple episodes in every season, as well as South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, South Park: The Stick of Truth, and South Park: The Fractured But Whole.



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