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Mr. Harris is a faculty member at South Park Elementary who has been seen at multiple assemblies. He first appears as a member of the North American Man-Boy Love Association in Season Four's "Cartman Joins NAMBLA".


Mr. Harris first appears at a meeting of the North American Man-Boy Love Association when they visit South Park, protesting the treatment of the pedophiles arrested in the town. He is at the banquet later in the episode, claiming he had found the "boy of the decade", describing him as "sexy, sassy, and full of spunk", and is shown sitting with an uncomfortable Timmy Burch.

In "Erection Day", he is seen with the South Park Elementary school faculty at the talent show, though his exact role there is unknown.

When the faculty and students were taken hostage by the Germans in "Funnybot", he was also present.

He can be seen directing students to safety in "SUPER HARD PCness" during the assembly in the gymnasium after the nuclear strike on Canada.


This man wears a white shirt with two pockets on each side and the sleeves up, with a tie that is initially tan and brown, and with brown pants and black shoes. His left side pocket has what appears to be a black pen and a pocket protector. His tie is purple in his later appearances. He has thinning brown hair, slightly combed over his head, with thick eyebrows and a prominent chin. His face is quite wrinkled.


  • "Cartman Joins NAMBLA" - first seen as a member of NAMBLA; finds Timmy Burch "spunky and attractive".
  • "Erection Day" - Seen during the school talent show with other teachers.
  • "Funnybot" - Seen when the school is held hostage by the Germans.
  • "SUPER HARD PCness" - Seen later in the gymnasium helping direct students to safety.


  • He, like some other NAMBLA members, is based on Randy Marsh's character model.


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