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Mr. Hankey

Mr. Hankey is a sentient, jolly piece of feces and the former Christmas deity of South Park, taking the place of others, such as Frosty or Rudolph. On Christmas, he comes to visit those who has a lot of high fiber in their diets. Prior to being relocated to the town of Springfield from The Simpsons, Mr. Hankey resided in the sewers beneath South Park, and therefore has been known to appear as if by magic from out of toilet cisterns, bringing with him tidings of joy, and a ghastly smell. He first appears in the Season One episode "Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo".


Mr. Hankey made his first appearance in "Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo" and was seen as generally unknown to the other characters besides Kyle Broflovski and Chef, but after the episode's events he was popularized and by "Merry Christmas Charlie Manson!" there are several TV specials about him and he even takes a more Santa-esque role at malls, but he makes no actual physical appearance in the episode. In "Chef's Chocolate Salty Balls" the boys meet him in the sewer and he explains how the Hollywood people, led by Robert Redford were destroying the ecosystem. Kyle's and his calls are ignored and turned into a movie starring Tom Hanks called "Mr. Hankey and Me", and Mr. Hankey eventually dies. Using Chef's Chocolate Salty Balls to revive him, he uses magic to get rid of Redford and the Hollywood people, by transforming into a wizard (in the style of Mickey Mouse from Fantasia) and raises all the feces from the sewers to attack the Hollywood folk with swarms of fecal matter. While this successfully got rid of the Hollywood folk destroying the town, it ironically and very disgustingly covered the whole town in feces.

Mr. Hankey hosts "Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics", which features a new rendition of his theme song. He returns for "A Very Crappy Christmas" in which we meet his a wife Autumn, who has a drinking problem. We are also introduced to their three kids: Cornwallis, Amber, and Simon (who was born with a peanut in his head) Mr. Hankey later sings "Circle of Poo" with Corwallis and helps the boys make their Christmas short. He reappears briefly in "Red Sleigh Down" with his poo-choo train. This was his final appearance in the series until "201" when he is revealed to have orchestrated the previous episode's plot to hide Santa Claus in a Bear costume instead of Muhammad.

He is also mentioned in "Pre-School" by Trent Boyett.

He also appeared in "I Should Have Never Gone Ziplining", where he was seen rescuing the boys from extreme boredom on the boat they were on. He took them away in his magical "Helicrapter". After traveling so far, Hankey took the boys further on his "Seven Turdy Seven". From there, Hankey took the boys home on an hour-long ride on the Poo-Choo Express.

He reappears in "The Problem with a Poo" where he is the director of the Christmas pageant. He starts sending angry, crude tweets after his budget is cut and is later fired. After an unsuccessful hearing and Christmas concert, he is banished from the town of South Park, and ends up in the town of Springfield from The Simpsons, where his actions would allegedly be tolerated.

Concept and Creation

According to "Goin Down To South Park", Mr. Hankey was inspired by an event that happened to Trey Parker - as a child, he had the habit of not flushing the toilet; because of this, Trey's dad told him that if he did not flush the toilet, Mr. Hankey would come out and eat him. He and Matt Stone conceived an adult animated show of what is known today as South Park, where Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Cartman are main protagonists, with Mr. Hankey being a minor character that would be saved for future episodes. They pitched the series to Fox Network executive Brian Graden, who was delighted at the show's premise. Afterwards, the three men discussed with executives from 20th Century Fox Television and Fox Network in order to get the show off the ground. However, the trio later said that the executives passed on the series, after not being fond of the show having to include a talking poo character and thought that the adult animated sitcom should be revolved around a family rather than children in order to be successful.

List of Vehicles

Mr. Hankey can be seen utilizing several vehicles, usually constructed entirely out of feces and having names with various synonyms for feces.

Poo-Choo Express

Poo-Choo Express

The Poo-Choo Express is a locomotive constructed out of feces and is Hankey's most prominent vehicle. It first appeared in "Red Sleigh Down", where it was used to take Cartman and the boys to the North Pole to see Santa Claus. Although Cartman seemed to be oblivious to the stench of the feces constructed train, Stan and Kyle were disgusted by it. The locomotive appears to be able to lay down its own tracks, also out of feces, which would indicate that it can travel anywhere.

The Poo-Choo Express makes a return in "I Should Have Never Gone Ziplining", where it was seen briefly as the last vehicle Hankey used to take the boys home.

Magical Helicrapter


The Magical Helicrapter is a small helicopter made almost entirely out of feces. After Kenny dies of boredom on the boat in "I Should Have Never Gone Ziplining", Hankey rescues the remainder of the boys and takes them on a ride in the Helicrapter. Although the Helicrapter is almost all feces, the boys seem unphased by the stench.

Seven Turdy Seven

Hankey vehicles 2.png

The Seven Turdy Seven, also seen in "I Should Have Never Gone Ziplining", is a large aircraft also built out of fecal matter. The name is a reference to a similar aircraft by Boeing, which is designated the 737. Its appearance, however, resembles the Boeing 747, a long-range aircraft with four engines and an upper deck. This vehicle was used during the boys' trip home with Mr. Hankey.


Mr. Hankey appears as a piece of poo with three major sections, or lumps. He typically wears a Santa hat and white mittens. He has occasionally worn a sailor hat as well. In earlier episodes, he was a flat shade of brown, but in appearances from the fourth season onwards, he was given more definition with two color tones.

To see images of Mr. Hankey, visit Mr. Hankey/Gallery.


Mr. Hankey is good-natured, cheerful and often full of holiday joy, being a Christmas Deity. He seeks to spread Christmas cheer and goodwill with his presence, and has shown he is very willing to help the boys on many occasions without asking for anything in return. However, when provoked, he has a vengeful and violent side, as shown when he attacked Robert Redford and the Hollywood people in South Park with magical feces.

He also appears to have poor self-control, as when repeatedly asked to stop taking Ambien to help him sleep, he refuses to do so and begs that he can continue using the medication; he similarly could not prevent himself after taking medication from saying and tweeting out offensive things, which he later brushed off as humor and failed efforts at 'jokes' or spreading cheer.


The original Mr. Hankey from the "The Unaired Pilot".

  • A song entitled "Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo" was released on CD and cassette, alongside the song, "Simultaneous".
    • The song is also used as the theme song for the Christmas expansion of Postal 2, entitled A Very Postal Christmas.
  • Mr. Hankey first appeared in the intro for the "The Unaired Pilot. His first series appearance was in "Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo".
  • Mr. Hankey was actually intended to be a sailor, this has been mentioned in the South Park Commentary of "Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo". Mr. Hankey is actually seen in his original sailor form in the original intro from the "The Unaired Pilot" and "Damien"
  • Mr. Hankey is also an item in the game South Park Rally and the online game South Park: Big Wheel Death Rally.
  • Mr. Hankey revealed his religion by writing "NOEL" in feces on Kyle's mirror.
  • Mr. Hankey can be found in a clogged toilet in Park County Community Center in South Park: The Fractured But Whole.
    • Once the player successfully unclogs the toilet using the Sandblaster buddy power, the player can take a selfie with him and he will follow the player's Coonstagram account.
  • In the deleted scene from "The Problem with a Poo" Dr. Minus reveals that Mr. Hankey was created by voodoo magic that was performed by a white person.
  • Mr. Hankey is the only character who appears in the pilot intro, but not the pilot itself.

Video Games

South Park: The Stick of Truth

Mr. Hankey is able to be friended on Facebook along with Mrs. Hankey, and gives the quest Dropping the Kids Off.

South Park: Phone Destroyer