Mr. Grazier is the scout master that took over Scout Troop 69 after Big Gay Al was removed from the scouts in the Season Five episode, "Cripple Fight".


Mr. Grazier is a pedophile, which becomes apparent almost immediately after the parents leave when he demands the children that he take pictures of them naked. He is eventually caught and arrested by the FBI. A Channel 4 news report went out about Mr. Grazier, which prompted the boys' parents to change their mind about allowing homosexual people into scouts.


Mr. Grazier is visibly in good shape. He has white hair and black eyebrows. He wears a khaki scout master uniform which consists of an khaki shirt and pants, red scarf, and many scout badges.


Mr. Grazier has a militaristic attitude, which he uses to get the children to do anything.


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