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"Mr. Garrison's Fancy New Vagina"
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S9E1 Female Garrrison
Episode no. Season 9
Episode 1
Production no. 901
Original airdate March 9, 2005
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"Mr. Garrison's Fancy New Vagina" is the first episode of Season Nine, and the 126th overall episode of South Park. It aired on March 9, 2005.[1]


As Mr. Garrison enjoys his new womanly attributes after his sex change, the rest of the town gets in touch with their inner feelings too.[1]


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Plot details follow.

Mr. Garrison has a sex change at the Trinidad Medical Center. It seems to go fine with Garrison realizing that he has always been a woman trapped in a man's body.

At the Colorado state team basketball tryouts, Kyle fails at making the team and is told by the coach that Jews cannot play basketball, the rest of the boys who did make the team all being tall African-Americans. Stan and Kenny try to comfort the crestfallen Kyle, while Cartman mocks him.

In town, the boys encounter Mr. Garrison (who is now Mrs. Garrison), who has just purchased tampons. The boys are confused, but accept their teacher's decision.

At his home, Kyle asks about what a sex change is, to Gerald's disgust as he learns of Garrison's surgery. Sheila does not agree with Gerald, so she explains that people have sex changes and similar transformation surgeries because who they are on the outside does not reflect who they are on the inside. Kyle tells his parents that he completely understands what his mother is saying and realizes that he can relate to Mr. Garrison feeling like a woman trapped in a man's body. He feels like a tall African-American trapped in a small Jewish body because of his love of basketball, rap music, and other things African-Americans enjoy.

Kyle decides to have surgery to turn him into a tall African-American man. Obviously Gerald and Sheila object to this and do not want him to have the surgery and become really angry when they discover that Kyle wants to do it anyway (referred to as a "negroplasty"), and Gerald goes after Dr. Biber, the man who gave Garrison “her” sex change. Seeing Gerald has a t-shirt with dolphins on it, Biber convinces Gerald to have a "dolphinplasty" surgery which turns him into a half-man, half-dolphin being/humanoid like he wished. Now convinced surgery is fine, he allows Kyle to go forward with the negroplasty.

Garrison and Mr. Slave get into a fight. Mr. Slave is upset, saying that Garrison disregarded his feelings and thought only of “herself” when having the vaginoplasty. Mr. Slave says he hates vaginas, and is outraged when Garrison says he just needs to stop being gay altogether. As Slave leaves, Garrison yells out "Fag!", which ends their relationship.

Garrison now questions why “she” has not had a period and discovers that when a woman misses a period it means she could be pregnant. Garrison believes this is due to all the truckers “she” slept with and happily goes to Planned Parenthood Clinic for an abortion. However, “she” discovers that she cannot have a baby or a period as the surgery didn't give "her" a female reproductive system. Feeling cheated, "she" returns to Dr. Biber and demands the process be reversed, “she” discovers the old scrotum has been made into a dorsal fin for Gerald and the testicles have been made into kneecaps for Kyle. Garrison cannot be turned back into a man without these exact body parts, so he takes Biber with her to find them.

Garrison and Biber soon discover that Kyle has gone to try out for the basketball team again, but Biber says he only made Kyle look like a black basketball player, not make him into an actual one. If he ever does anything very athletic, such as jumping (which he is bound to do in a game of basketball), his kneecaps could explode. Accompanied by Stan, they go to the basketball match (Kyle has made it on to the team thanks to his surgery). Fighting their way through security, they find Kyle just as he nets the ball. Garrison exclaims, "My balls!" as Kyle hits the ground, with his kneecaps exploding.

Gerald and Kyle are told that they can have their surgery reversed. Garrison, however, cannot. Instead of being upset, Garrison embraces "her" new gender and states that “she” would rather be a fake woman who cannot have periods than a fag.


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