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Mr. Garrett is the basketball coach at South Park Elementary. He appears in Season Twelve's "Elementary School Musical", where he managed the schools basketball team.


In "Elementary School Musical", Mr. Garrett is introduced as the school's basketball coach when Stan Marsh recognizes him in the hall and encourages Bridon Gueermo to join the team. He encourages Bridon to try out during recess and is impressed with his work on the team, and argues with Mr. Gueermo when he angrily interrupts a tryout. He is seen pleased with Bridon's plays at a later basketball game.

In "Funnybot" and "SUPER HARD PCness", he is seen in the background of the gymnasium when students are gathered there due to threatening situations.


Mr. Garrett has short, gray hair. He wears a murky green jacket with a dark green trim that has the South Park Cows logo on it, underneath that, he wears a white t-shirt. He also wears dark green shorts with shin high white socks a whistle around his neck.


He seems very passionate about his basketball team, even being able to convince Bridon Gueermo to come play with them, despite Bridon knowing that his father has a negative feeling about team sports.


  • He was assumed to have replaced the late Chef as the sports teacher, but he has never been seen teaching a class nor appeared in faculty meetings like Coach Miles. Garrett is assumed to only coach the basketball team.


  • "Elementary School Musical" - introduced as coach of the basketball team and encourages Bridon to stay onboard despite his father's opposition.
  • "Funnybot" - Seen when the school is held hostage by the Germans.
  • "SUPER HARD PCness" - Seen when the school gathers in the gymnasium during the nuclear war.


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