Mr. Freely is a South Park resident who appears in the Season Two episode, "Ike's Wee Wee". He is possibly Mr. Mackey's landlord.


When Mr. Mackey is going to his house, Mr. Freely shows up and says he changed the locks after discovering that Mackey had "offered drugs to 4th grade students," after a brief discussion, Mr. Freely throws a rock at Mackey, causing him to flee.


Mr. Freely is almost bald, he has spiky gray hair on the side of his head and some warts on his face, the left side of his head looks quite deformed. He wears a white tank top under a blue jumpsuit with one pocket in the middle and black shoes and is usually seen smoking a cigar. He had told Mackey that he had not used any drugs and was completely fine, but that is probably a lie, as his appearance turned out to be quite unusual.

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