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Mr. Conners is the former wrestling teacher at the South Park Elementary. He appears in the Season Thirteen episode, "W.T.F.".


Mr. Conners was fired due to the lack of interest among the students in real wrestling. Principal Victoria confuses the sport with W.W.E. type events and cites the dramatic adult story-lines in the newspaper as well as mistaking wrestling videos on his iPhone with "gay" pornography.

He was also a highly accomplished Olympic wrestler as his living room was filled with awards and trophies.


He wears a gray wrestling singlet. He also wears large, gray and white sneakers, long gray socks, a gray kneecap on his right knee, and white protective headgear.


Mr. Conners appeared to be very devoted to wrestling, even going as far as to try and kill the W.W.E. President Vince McMahon, in order to show people what real wrestling is. After giving a heartfelt speech to the Wrestling Takedown Federation audience, Vince McMahon offers him a job and proclaims "Sir, that was one of the finest wrestling performances I have ever seen". Mr. Conners accepts the offer, backsliding on his former hatred of the W.W.E., now that he is recognized for his real wrestling talents.


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