Mr. Billings is the president and CEO of Sooper Foods, the grocery retailing chain that hosted the Easter egg hunt. He first appeared in the Season Sixteen episode, "Jewpacabra".


In "Jewpacabra", he was seen in his office, with a few of his employees, listening to Eric Cartman discuss the Jewpacabra. Although initially skeptical about Cartman's discovery, Billings eventually decided to provide Cartman with whatever resources he needed to capture the Jewpacabra, which included a trip to a resort called The Atlantis Hotel and Casino in the city of Nassau in the Bahamas.

Cartman only wanted to go to the hotel because it had a water slide that went through a shark tank. Upon returning to Colorado, Billings' team and Cartman take his video to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization to be analyzed. Upon seeing the research, the Bigfoot Researchers decided the Jewpacabra was a real entity.

That night, Cartman held himself up in a church while Token Black, Craig Tucker, and Butters Stotch kept guard. They got scared and went to Wingstreet for chicken wings. Billings and his team then took Cartman to the cite of the Easter egg hunt to be used as a sacrifice for the Jewpacabra.

The following day, after Cartman had his nightmare and Kyle Broflovski brought him home, Billings and his assistant conducted the Easter egg hunt as planned. They were extremely excited to announce that Sooper Foods was ranked 4 in the fun category and 6 in the safety category.


Mr. Billings wears a brown suit consisting of brown pants, a black belt, a white shirt, a maroon tie with dark red stripes, and a brown coat. He has wavy gray hair and also wears his Sooper Foods name tag.

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