Mr. Biggle is the biological father of Henrietta Biggle, the adoptive father of Bradley Biggle and husband of Harriet Biggle. He only appeared in "Goth Kids 3: Dawn of the Posers", where he and Mrs. Biggle sent Henrietta to a camp for troubled kids.


Mr. Biggle is almost bald, he has brown hair on the sides of his head, a brown mustache, small light eyebrows, and a double chin. He wears an aqua-blue shirt under a gray jacket with white details, a black belt with a white buckle, blue pants, and black shoes. He is slightly overweight.


Bradley Biggle

Bradley is his adopted son. Nothing is known about their relationship, although Bradley doesn't appear in any of the family portraits the Biggle family has in their living room.

Henrietta Biggle

Henrietta is his biological daughter. Mr. Biggle is somewhat stricter with her than Mrs. Biggle.



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