Mr. Big Record Producer is a record producer and the antagonist of the episode "Chef Aid", where he was seen suing Chef, who claimed that he wrote "Stinky Britches".


Unable to pay for the settlement against him, Chef faced jail time. The boys decided to visit all of the musicians Chef has affected to raise money to pay the settlement. Touched by the boys' efforts and by the amount of musicians Chef has affected, Johnnie Cochran took Chef's case against the record company, free of charge which angers him knowing he's going to lose.


The Record Producer wears a white shirt, a red tie with black stripes, and a gray vest. He is mostly bald with black hair on the sides of his head, which he combs over. He is also seen holding a black tube of hair gel in his left hand.


He is a cruel, greedy man who views himself above the law, thus having no problem with suing Chef rather than compensate him for profiting from his song.



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