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Mr. Adler's girlfriend was engaged to Richard Adler, the shop class teacher at South Park Elementary. She appeared in the Season Three episode, "Tweek vs. Craig".


She died in a skywriting accident while trying to write "I Love U Richard" in the sky. Richard spent the first parts of "Tweek vs. Craig" mourning her death. He also had several flashbacks to his memories with her. These flashbacks are notable for being in live-action, as well as being from a first-person perspective.

A picture of her appears in South Park: The Stick of Truth, but the picture was in the normal South Park animation instead of live-action.


She is seen wearing lots of different clothes and outfits. She is seen in her pilot's uniform, a long white flowery dress, a brown patterned cardigan, and also a pink shirt and red lipstick. She has long wavy brown hair and wears earrings.


  • This is the first live-action South Park character to be part of the series canon.
  • Even though she died in a plane crash, blood can be seen and is shot at her while she is still flying the plane.
  • When she was in the water, the blood from her face is completely gone.


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