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  • Moss Piglets and Water Bears both refer to tardigrades, which are water dwelling microanimals.
  • In the episode Preview, in the scene where Nathan and Mimsy warn the girls about the science fair, Wendy would be present, but for some unknown reason she was replaced by Nelly when the episode came out.
  • Heidi and Theresa argue about tiny homes, which are small houses less than 500 square feet that have become popular recently due to their low production and maintenance costs and the ability to easily move the house.
  • Nathan slaps Mimsy multiple times in this episode, although he says "Shut up Mimsy!" only once.
  • The boys' iconic Bus Stop scenes are gender-swapped in this episode, with Wendy, Isla, Theresa, and Heidi respectively.
  • Nathan explains that mixing vinegar and soda together can make their volcano explode, because mixing these two components will generate carbon dioxide, which can be inferred from the theory of Salt metathesis reaction in chemistry.

References to Popular Culture

  • Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones talks to the kids about the NFL being "hit with anthem protests, protests of those protests, and worst of all, concussions", referring to the NFL losing popularity due the controversy of:
  • The empty stadium during the L.A. Chargers vs Buffalo Bills game also refers to the NFL losing ticketholders due to the players' kneeling protests, leaving their stadiums with many empty seats.
    • The empty stadium may also be a reference to the L.A. Chargers lack of fans after they moved from San Diego in 2017, causing backlash from San Diego fans and L.A. fans showing a lack of interest in a second football team, after acquiring the Rams in 2016.
  • The jerseys that the water bears wear are real life NFL teams L.A. Rams, Denver Broncos, Dallas Cowboys, Oakland Raiders and Green Bay Packers.
  • Taylor Swift's "Look What You Made Me Do" is heard when Jimmy and Timmy explain their science experiment to Nathan and Mimsy.
  • Timmy and Jimmy mention The Octonauts, a British children's series about anthropomorphic animals and their deep sea underwater adventures.


  • The topic about NFL players suffering from concussions was previously mentioned in "Sarcastaball".
  • NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is seen talking with Jerry Jones about the experiment with water bears. He was last seen in season 18's "Go Fund Yourself".
  • Mimsy's real name is revealed to be Mimila.


  • In the background, Tweek and Craig are shown sitting next to each other at least twice with the exception of Heidi's speech, where Clyde is seen sitting between them.
  • At one point in the episode, Timmy moves forward without using the lever on his chair.


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