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Mosquito in a Honey Pot is a story mission in South Park: The Fractured But Whole.

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Plot details follow.


The Coon sends you to find Mosquito. Once you confront him at Raisins, you'll find out he's been charmed by the Raisins Girls. Defeat them, and escape Raisins.


Head left from the Main Street Fast Travel point. There's an alleyway you can go through in between D-Mobile and the Post Office.

Make a left once you're out of the alley to head toward Raisins. If you want some extra XP, make sure you use the Port-A-Potty toilet in front of the construction site.

Head inside Raisins. Once you get there, follow Mercedes to your seat. Then, you'll learn that Mosquito’s Kryptonite is Raisins Girls. He'll accuse them of charming him into purchasing so many wings, and a fight will begin.

Fight the Raisins Girls

Note: Target Mercedes first so she can't charm you or your Allies.

All of them use close-ranged moves, so long-range allies are preferred in this battle. When you win, you'll get an Artifact.

Choose a Kryptonite

Now you must choose a Kryptonite.

  • Sixth Graders
  • Raisins Girls
  • Chaos Kids
  • Old People
  • Ninja
  • Vampires
  • Crab People

You'll also now be able to switch Allies, as you have added Mosquito to your roster. Now continue to A Touch of Faith, which occurs at the church on the west side of town.


  • The Kryptonite enemy's abilities are 10% more effective on the New Kid.
    • However, despite having them as a kryptonite, Raisins Girl's abilities are not more effective on Mosquito.
    • Further more, they appear in Bring the Crunch as enemies in the final boss battle.
    • Without the DLC, Vampire does not appear in the game at all.
  • Mosquito will begin to alert the New Kid of the Kryptonite from now on, in the beginning of the battle.
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