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Morgan Pratt is a 4th grade little league batter for the Fort Collins baseball team. He appears in the Season Nine episode, "The Losing Edge".


In "The Losing Edge", Morgan is first up to bat for his team. Stan Marsh is pitching, and throws Morgan's first strike, all the while Randy Marsh is hailing "Hey, Batter Batter" from the stands. With Morgan ignoring Cartman's demand to at least swing at the ball, Stan throws a ball to get him to walk to first base.

Morgan's eldest teammate tells Morgan to only swing if Stan throws a strike, much to his confusion. Stan attempts to throw a ball, but it is declared a strike, causing Cartman to yell at the umpire. Believing Stan's next pitch to be a ball, Morgan swings and hits the ball. He runs to first base with disappointment.


Morgan wears a baseball uniform that is blue, orange, and white. He wears black shoes, and a blue and orange baseball helmet. His jersey is mostly blue, with orange trim. It has the team name "Fort Collins" on the front.