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Moovit!, alternatively formatted as Moov-it, is a moving company in South Park. It made its first appearance in the Season Nine episode "Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow".


In "Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow", Moovit! is seen in the form of two trucks when the townspeople leave South Park due to global warming.

In "Free Willzyx", a Moovit! truck is used by the boys to transport Jambu to Tijuana, Mexico so they can fly him to the moon on a rocket. One of the Mexicans drives them back home in the truck at the end of the episode.

The Moovit! building plays a minor role in "D-Yikes!", where The Boys ask a group of Mexicans at the front gate to write their book report essays, only to find out they misunderstood "essay" as "ese", and they wrote their own friends. Later on, Janet Garrison asks the same Mexicans in front of Moovit! to spy on the Persians in Club Persh to dig up some dirt on the owner.

In "Crack Baby Athletic Association", when Kyle finds Cartman at the hospital ward for crack babies, he becomes suspicious and decides to watch Cartman. At one point, Cartman and Craig walk past the Moovit! building. At the end of the episode, Stan and Kyle walk in front of the building again.