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Moisha Cartman is the eldest son of Eric and Yentl Cartman who appears in South Park: Post Covid.


Following a lockdown on South Park due to a new COVID-19 variant, the Cartmans requested to stay in Kyle's house for the night, with the children pleading "Please, Uncle Kyle." With Kyle accepting their request, Moisha goes up to Kyle and says "Toda raba" ("thank you" in Hebrew) as a word of gratitude.

As Kyle, Cartman, and Tolkien were discussing Kenny's death, Kyle calls out Cartman who is making out with his wife in front of the group, triggering Moisha to cuss out on Kyle for the first time.

In South Park: Post Covid: The Return of Covid, Moisha, along with the rest of his family, were all taken to the South Park Church and hidden in an attic. The family was in fear that Kyle would travel back in time and change the future, with Moisha commenting that Kyle is a "self-hating Jew." They come out just as Kyle is fighting against Cartman, with Yentl noting that Cartman has changed and that he would be no better than Kyle.


Moisha has a similar physical obese appearance to Eric Cartman in his childhood. He has short, brown hair and wears a gray sweater over a blue shirt, brown pants, and black shoes. He has a gray yarmulke with yellow fringes. He wears matching light-blue pajamas with gold and blue old-school vintage boxing figures detail.