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Moira McArthur is Red McArthur's mother who makes her first appearance in the Season Twelve episode, "Pandemic".


She makes many cameos in various episodes, first appearing in a news report of the first attack of the guinea creatures in "Pandemic".

Her name is revealed in "The Pandemic Special" when she appears with other parents on a Zoom conference with Mr. Mackey about allowing their children to return to school. When the students are quarantined in school for two weeks, she is revealed to be Red's mother when Red is seen on a Zoom call with her parents in the computer lab. Mr. McArthur tells Red that they miss her.


Moira McArthur has shoulder-length red hair with a center parting and long eyelashes. She wears a gray cardigan over an olive green shirt, either a black knee-length skirt or dark blue pants, and black shoes.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole[]

She is called Sarah in the game. After completing the quest Mosquito in a Honey Pot, the player can take a selfie with her at the City Transit Bus Stop and follow her Coonstagram account.


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