Mobility scooters, also referred to as 'Rascals', are small vehicles used to aid in the mobility of obese individuals. Eric Cartman was seen using one in the Season Sixteen episode, "Raising the Bar".


While the boys are at Wall-Mart, they encounter several overly obese individuals on mobility scooters. After a quip from Kyle, Cartman quickly realized that his habits would eventually force him to use a scooter. After being inspired, Eric Cartman used his medical insurance to purchase a mobility scooter for himself.

After an unsuccessful attempt to defecate at Kyle's house, Cartman proceeded to Best Buy, only to unsuccessfully defecate in their restrooms. Cartman takes this issue to court and a montage occurs while he is giving his tearful testimony. The montage takes Cartman to several places, where he is seen inconveniencing people and receiving preferential treatment.

During the First Lady's Symposium on Obesity, Cartman, his mobility scooter, and the Tip-Assist device can be seen 'sketti-wrestling' with Alana Thompson. The results of the contest are inconclusive, as James Cameron raised the bar, causing Michelle Obama to call off the event.


The Tip-Assist logo.

The latest craze among young children is to tip over individuals in mobility scooter. This game is called 'Rascal Tipping'. Akin to cow tipping, the children push from one side of the scooter, in an attempt to tip the scooter over. To counteract this, the Tip-Assist device was invented, using $25 million of tax payers' money.

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