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Mitchell is a janitor for South Park Elementary. He appears in the Season Eighteen episode, "Cock Magic".


Mitchell is cleaning the school hallway floor when he overhears the boys talking about a hardcore Magic: The Gathering competition that Kenny was a part of. He approaches them and gives them the address to a location with an even more hardcore competition, which turns out to be a Magic: The Gathering match between two roosters at City Wok.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole[]

Mitchell can be seen at the right wing of the South Park Elementary foyer.


Mitchell has balding gray hair, gray eyebrows, and a gray goatee. He wears a tan colored shirt with two pockets on top of a white undershirt as well as a brown belt, light brown pants, and white and black shoes.


  • As he is the school janitor, it is confirmed that Jose Venezuela is only the bus driver, at first it was believed that Jose Venezuela was the bus driver and at the same time the janitor.
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