Mitch Murphy or Mitch Harris is an officer with the Park County Police as a comic foil as well as an Aide-de-Camp to Sergeant Yates. He is first seen briefly in "Lil' Crime Stoppers".


His first major appearance is in "The Jeffersons", where he receives a fax about Michael Jefferson possibly being in town and relays it to Sergeant Yates. In "Eek, A Penis!", he is also shown to be a sketch artist, drawing Mickey Mouse with an erect penis based on Mrs. Garrison's description of the penis-mouse. In "The China Probrem", he is shown to be a fan of the Indiana Jones franchise, agreeing to help the boys press charges and pursue the case against George Lucas and Steven Spielberg.


Mitch is normally seen wearing a blue shirt with braces and a tie. He has a holster containing a stainless Smith and Wesson 5900-series pistol with wood grips (as does his partner Harrison Yates, indicating this is most likely the standard issue duty sidearm for South Park PD) and on the other side of his shirt, his badge. He wears black trousers and has greyish-brown hair. Despite this, he seems to generally be portrayed as a young man.


He is shown to be worried for Yates in "Butters' Bottom Bitch" when Yates goes undercover against prostitution, but is unable to speak with him.



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