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Mitch Conner

Mitchell "Mitch" Conner, previously known by his false alias Jennifer Lopez (pronounced Hennifer Lopez), is Eric Cartman's left hand; given a personality, backstory, and a painted-on face. He appears in "Fat Butt and Pancake Head", "200", and "201". He is mentioned in "T.M.I.", and appears in South Park: The Fractured But Whole as the main antagonist.


Mitch Conner's "backstory" is not revealed until "201". By his own account, Conner is a native of Sheboygan, Wisconsin. When Conner was 18, he joined the Army and fought in the Vietnam War, but preferred to stay in the helicopter rather than participate in combat. It was in Vietnam he first met Mr. Hat, and the two became "war buddies". Conner served in the Army until 1972, when his helicopter was shot down outside Saigon, and was honorably discharged due to his injuries. Upon his return to the United States, Conner spent the next several decades as a drifter and con-artist, before ending up in South Park.

Conner first appears in "Fat Butt and Pancake Head", when Eric Cartman is required to give a report on the effect of Latino culture on the arts in America, he says that he has a special guest: Jennifer Lopez. However, the real Jennifer Lopez does not show up; Cartman merely does a ventriloquist act with his hand acting as the head of "Ms. Lopez". The racism of Cartman's report is quite obvious and upfront. His "Ms. Lopez" hand puppet has a heavily caricatured Mexican accent and constantly talks about eating tacos and burritos, despite the fact that Jennifer Lopez is Puerto Rican. "Ms. Lopez" is also completely incapable of pronouncing the "J" in her name (which Cartman tries to correct unsuccessfully). Despite this, the board of Hispanics gives him first place for having the best report, and he wins a $20 gift certificate at the mall.

While at the mall, Cartman's hand demands to make a music video at a music store, which soon gets the attention of Hollywood Record executives. They proceed to hire "Hennifer" because she is supposedly younger and more attractive than the real Jennifer Lopez, who is furious at being replaced. When the Hand-Lopez then steals her then-boyfriend Ben Affleck, the real Lopez goes insane and attempts to murder both the hand and Cartman.

Mitch Conner as Hennifer Lopez.

Caught between the psychotic Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck, the record executives, and the police, "Hennifer" reveals herself to be a male con-artist named Mitch Conner. Mitch confesses to playing everyone for chumps, before "killing himself" by taking a cyanide pill. (In truth, Cartman just opened his hand). Cartman explains that the whole thing with his hand taking on a personality was real, stating "Look, I don't care what you guys believe. But with all the crazy stuff that goes on in this town, isn't it possible, just possible, that something I don't understand happened here?" When the others concede that maybe it could be possible, Cartman reveals it all to be an elaborate prank he did to screw with Kyle, Stan, and Kenny.

However, "Mitch/Hennifer Lopez" returns in "200". When the celebrities that South Park has wronged over the years plan to take revenge against South Park by filing a class-action lawsuit, Cartman appears amongst them with his hand again dressed up as Jennifer Lopez. Despite having Cartman with "her" the other celebrities immediately welcome her into the group and reveal their plans.

Apparently their plan was to join in on the lawsuit to get money, but Cartman's hand instead wants to help the celebrities steal Muhammad's power of not being ridiculed and sell on the black market. When Cartman refuses to go along with it, Mitch tempts him with the truth of who Cartman's REAL father is. Cartman initially does not believe Mitch, stating that his mother Liane Cartman is his father. Mitch explains that the story fed to him was a lie and that the tests were faked. They then go to Mr. Garrison so as to meet with Mr. Hat, Garrison's old puppet teaching assistant who was disregarded shortly after Mr. Garrison came out as gay. Claiming to be old war buddies, Mitch and Cartman force Garrison and Mr. Hat to admit that the tests were tampered with, and prepare to reveal the truth.

At the end of "201", Cartman's father is revealed to also be the father of Cartman's arch-foe Scott Tenorman and a member of the Denver Broncos, Jack Tenorman. As everyone is recovering from the events of the two-parter, Mitch says goodbye to Cartman, explaining that there is a bounty on him and that he cannot stay in one place for long. Before leaving, however, he consoles Cartman who is horrified, not by the fact that he caused the death of his own father during the events of "Scott Tenorman Must Die", but instead by the fact that his own father is a ginger. Mitch however reminds Cartman that although he might be part ginger, he was also part Bronco, which cheers up Cartman considerably. Cartman opens his hand once again and Mitch disappears, leaving many to wonder when he will be ever be seen again.


Mitch is Cartman's left hand with eyes drawn on it; two eyes and a light pink upper lip on their index finger and a darker pink lower lip on their thumb. When the hand is balled into a fist, the facial features form a coherent appearance, with the thumb being moved to mimic speech. As Hennifer Lopez, Mitch wore a brown wig and pink lipstick. He also can disguise as everyone.


While Mitch seems to act mostly in self-interest, he does seem to be empathetic, comforting Cartman at the end of "201". Whether Mitch is himself or Jennifer Lopez, he is a real chatterbox.


During "Fat Butt and Pancake Head", Cartman initially seems intent on just doing a comedic and insulting bit by doing a ventriloquist bit with his hand. However, as the episode progress, Cartman begins to behave as if his hand is really a living being, arguing with it, and even doing things that he would normally never do, such as jerking off Ben Affleck on multiple occasions or allowing himself to be physically assaulted by Jennifer Lopez; at one point during the episode, the doctor examining Cartman's broken hand tells Liane that his injury is the least of his problems and that he "appears to be completely insane." This appears to be a psychotic break on Cartman's part, though he deems it as being something more than that when confronted by his friends. At the end of the episode, he states it to be somewhat of a prank, saying "I got you kinda, I got you kinda." Implying either he made up Mitch Conner and then Mitch developed a conscience, or Mitch Conner came to him and told Cartman who he was and dressed as Jennifer Lopez to win the $20 dollars for Cartman, and secretly screw with Ben Affleck and the real Jennifer Lopez. Cartman saying he kinda got Kyle, Stan, and Kenny means that Mitch might have told Cartman what he was doing but did not tell Cartman who he really was or what he was secretly up to, when Kyle had asked Cartman "Who is Mitch Conner."

However, in "200", Cartman begins doing the Mitch Conner/Hennifer Lopez bit again. However unlike last time, he seems more driven by money, and his friends have absolutely nothing to do with his plan or even interact with him and Mitch. Cartman again proceeds to have arguments with the hand (even alone in a room where nobody could hear them), and it seems that the hand has knowledge of things that Cartman does not, such as the truth about his father. The fact that Cartman's hand is acting more independently and has knowledge Cartman lacks, suggests that either Cartman has gone completely insane, or like Mr. Hat, Mitch Conner may in fact be somewhat sentient.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole


During either battle with him, he will have most of the abilities of whoever he is on the hand of (Cartman or Kyle), albeit some of them are modified slightly. For example, Cartman's Coon Claws ability is simply a punch when performed by Mitch. The real danger comes from his ability to randomly apply status effects, gain shields that reflect damage dealt with him, and generally ignore the rules of the game altogether. The New Kid and the others will have to defeat him while working around his constant cheating.


According to The Coon, Mitch Conner escaped prison following the failure of his original plan to impersonate Jennifer Lopez but was presumed dead in an oil rig explosion. He later resurfaced with tintent to run for Mayor of South Park, convincing The Coon to help him on the grounds of the increased crime and anarchy giving him ample enemies for his superhero franchise.

Mitch Conner's plan was to cause a massive upsurge in crime in South Park by lacing the town's alcohol and drugs with "cheese", an addictive hallucinatory drug made from cat urine. The resulting anarchy would cause the current Mayor to lose favor with the public, allowing Mitch to make his own move for the seat. Once elected, he could then bend the law in his favor and make every day Christmas, seemingly because Christmas was the day with more crime in the year, as Toolshed stated.

To achieve his nefarious goals, Mitch Conner united all of South Park's criminal elements, including Russian, Chinese, and Italian gangsters. His main operatives were the corrupt cops of the South Park Police Division, who he enticed into working for him by promising to let them continue their clandestine activities. He also managed to gain the allegiance of Crab People, who he sent to take over D-Mobile in an effort to stop Call Girl from tracking his activities, the Sixth Graders, and a group of Meth Heads. He even managed to fund the likes of Professor Chaos (enabling the would-be supervillain to prepare a truly massive plan to turn the entire town into lava) and Dr. Mephesto (convincing him to turn the resources of his genetics lab to helping Mitch Conner's schemes).

Confronting the Freedom Pals

After the Freedom Pals merged with Coon and Friends, Mitch Conner made his move, "influencing" The Coon into destroying Doctor Timothy's painstakingly-detailed franchise plan while kidnapping The New Kid's parents. He ordered the New Kid to complete a series of tasks for him, effectively forcing them to promote his electoral campaign by taking selfies with his supporters. Doing so, however, allowed Call Girl to pinpoint his location: the South Park Community Center. Once confronted, Mitch attacked by "possessing" The Coon, bending the rules of reality itself to benefit him; nonetheless, he was thwarted by the heroes. He then vanished from The Coon's hand, leaving his host to be apprehended by the Freedom Pals for interrogation.

After interrogating The Coon, the Freedom Pals tracked Mitch Conner's operations to Dr. Mephesto's lab, learning of his plans to become Mayor by raising crime. In response, Mitch unleashed his trump card: a horrifically mutated Human Kite 2. In order to defeat the abomination, The New Kid's final epic Timefart ended up accelerating time by ten days, more than enough time for Mitch to complete his election race and entrench himself in South Park City Hall. A year later, his plans were in full swing, turning South Park into a dystopian holiday nightmare (especially since he managed to bring in the Woodland Critters as his enforcers).

However, The New Kid managed to fart the Freedom Pals back in time, allowing them to confront The Coon just before he could begin setting Mitch's plans into motion. Seemingly cornered, Conner revealed his final contingency: "how to make someone fart really hard by hitting them in the solar plexus." By punching the New Kid to travel even further back in time, Mitch Conner hoped to erase his greatest enemy from time by interrupting their backstory; unfortunately for him, this only gave the New Kid the self-confidence they needed to fart themself and The Coon forward in time, just before Mitch's official election as Mayor.

When The Coon rushed to "stop" Mitch's election, he was confronted by the Freedom Pals, with Human Kite demanding that he reveal Mitch to be nothing but a persona. The Coon denied this, but the situation suddenly became much more complicated; Mitch Conner appeared on Human Kite's hand instead, claiming that his true plan to stop his enemies was to drive a wedge between them. More perplexingly still, another Mitch Conner appeared on The Coon's hand, claiming that Human Kite was "possessed" by a Mitch from an alternate universe. After much back-and-forth combat, Doctor Timothy decided that the Freedom Pals needed to defeat both Mitch Conners, using his own psychic powers to prevent either one from cheating further.

After both Conners were defeated, Human Kite and The Coon each attempted to force the other to confess that they were "just fucking with [everyone]", only for The Coon to trick his rival and make a quick getaway. Rushing to the park where the citizenry had gathered for his swearing-in, Mitch Conner tried to get himself elected, but the Freedom Pals caught up and revealed his trickery. With his plans in shambles, Mitch Conner revealed his reasons at last; like the New Kid, someone had fucked his father. To his shock, his mother appeared on The Coon's other hand and told him that she was responsible; enraged and betrayed, Mitch attacked her, "killing" them both.


For more quotes, see this page.

  • Mitch: "I'm Hennifer Lopez. And I like Tacos and Burritos!" (from "Fat Butt and Pancake Head")
  • Mitch: "When you eat, food comes out your backside too, cholo!" (from "Fat Butt and Pancake Head")
  • Mitch: "I wonder... Will I dream?" (upon supposed death) (from "Fat Butt and Pancake Head")
  • Mitch: “The citizens of South Park deserve to feel safe! Safe, from vigilantes who go around farting on people's heads. Together, we can free ourselves from the anal terrorism that has been forced upon us. My name... is Mitch Conner, and I endorse this message.” (from South Park: The Fractured But Whole)
  • Mitch: Well, well, well, if it isn't the Freedom Pals and their newest recruit." (from South Park: The Fractured But Whole)
  • Mitch: I'll tell you why. Because the New Kid...isn't the only person who got a parent get fucked. My fucked when i was nine years old. (her backstory) (from South Park: The Fractured But Whole)
  • Mitch: Then how do you explain this, Kyle? (from South Park: The Fractured But Whole)
  • Mitch: "Well, Well, Well, the plot thickens..." (from South Park: The Fractured But Whole)



South Park

  • Most of the time Mitch Conner talks, Cartman opens his mouth just a little. However, in episode "200", while Cartman is walking down the sidewalk, Mitch asks him, "What the hell do you think you're going, kid?" with Cartman's mouth completely shut. The same thing happened again in "201", shortly before Cartman shoves a flashlight up Mitch's "mouth".
  • In "201", after Kyle said to Cartman, "Stop talking with your stupid hand," Mitch Conner replied, "Who are you calling stupid, Jew?" Cartman was seen talking with his mouth moving while making Mitch respond to Kyle, which hints at sentience.
  • In "200", Mitch Conner seems to know more about Cartman's father, than Cartman himself. When Conner states to Cartman about never knowing who his father was, Cartman is surprised. However, Mitch Conner 'knew' that they had to turn to Mr. Garrison.
  • Whenever Mitch leaves, Cartman simply opens his hand and flutters his fingers slightly.
  • In "T.M.I.", Cartman uses Mitch Conner as an alias when informing the psychologist's wife of a fictitious webchat with a fourteen-year-old girl that causes her suicide. This may confirm him as only an identity and not a separate being, but it seems to go against "200" and "201", which could mean he is merely "honoring" Mitch Conner by using that name.
  • Mitch Conner said he was in the Vietnam War; Cartman said in "Volcano" that he was having a flashback from when he was in 'Nam. It is unknown whether or not these are connected.
  • Mitch Conner and Hennifer Lopez are parodies of ventriloquist Señor Wences and his hand puppet Johnny.
  • In "200", when Cartman and Mitch Conner are talking in Tom Cruise's closet, Mitch's "eyes" can be seen blinking.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole

  • Mitch Conner's last name seems to be a reference to his "conman" personality.
  • Although it is generally accepted that Mitch Conner is a ruse/mouthpiece for his "victim's" thoughts and plans, there are hints that he may be a genuinely supernatural entity. Alternatively, these can be interpreted as products of the kids' imaginations, similar to the devastating and grandiose uses of their superpowers.
    • He can appear and disappear from The Coon's hand remarkably quick, especially since The Coon's claws disappear from his hand when Mitch Conner manifests. Notably, when Mysterion confronts The Coon in South Park's past, Mitch appears on The Coon's hand despite it being in his best interests to remain hidden - once again, he somehow removes The Coon's claws and puts on his "face" in an instant.
    • The "Mitch Conner" that appears on Human Kite's hand sounds identical to The Coon's version, despite Kyle having a completely different voice from Cartman. Kyle claims that he made it up to "fuck with" them all, but it is unknown which is the lie he talks about.
    • When Mitch Conner speaks, his "victim's" mouth never moves, even when they have no known talents in ventriloquism.
  • One of Conner's superpowers is to quickly teleport to a host and then teleport away from them in an instant. In the final battle, he is also shown to be able to control the mind and/or body of his host. These are similar to Doctor Timothy's teleportation and mind control powers, suggesting that he may also be a Psychic class. His ability to bend and manipulate reality (creating random Status Effects, stealing turns, and changing the rules of the game (similar to the Stick of Truth)) so easily and effortlessly means that he could probably do magic as well, suggesting that he may be a Mystic class. Though he may be dual-classing it as a Mystic-Psychic.

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