The ballots show being stored in Eric Cartman's bedroom.

The Missing Election Ballots are shown to be behind the main controversy of the Season Sixteen episode, "Obama Wins!". Eric Cartman mentions that the ballots are from the 'swing states', states where no presidential candidate has majority support. These states included, but were not limited to, California, Colorado, Ohio, North Carolina, and Wisconsin.


Eric Cartman aids the Chinese, who are aiding Barack Obama, in securing possession of votes for Mitt Romney, to cause him to lose the election. After going to each of the swing states, and deceiving the elderly poll workers, he steals thousands of votes and stores them in his bedroom. He shows Kyle Broflovski, who in turn notifies the Park County Police Force.

Knowing the police would attempt to search his home, Cartman hides the ballots in an undisclosed location, later revealed to be Stevenson's Hummer. After an unsuccessful, unwarranted search, Kyle sets out with Stan Marsh to out Cartman for voter fraud and learns that Butters Stotch knows about the plan.


The ballots at Stephenson's Hummer.

Butters Stotch is sent to the hospital for a severe allergic reaction to an almond M&M, in a desperate attempt to keep Cartman's plan a secret. Stan and Kyle visit him in the hospital and proceeded to interrogate him for the information. After Kyle threatened to get his father involved, Butters disseminates the information.

Eric Cartman learns that Butters had broken the promise of secrecy and also visits him in the hospital. As he explains that the ballots were hidden in another secret location, Stephenson's Hummer, he feeds Butters another almond M&M.


The ballots shown being burned.

At Stephenson's Hummer, the ballots remain unseen, as the Hummer Salesman attempts to sell his unwanted Hummers. Stan and Kyle soon learn that the ballots were being kept here and rush to the dealership, followed by General Tso and his cohorts.

Cartman, having just been convinced by Mickey Mouse to release the ballots, arrives soon after, riding a Tauntaun. Also arriving with Cartman is the Park County Police Force, who, after an explanation from Morgan Freeman, demand Kyle make a decision on what to do with the ballots. Kyle chooses to allow the Chinese have the ballots, and thus they are subsequently burned.

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