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"Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy"
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Episode no. Season 10
Episode 10
Production no. 1010
Original airdate October 18, 2006
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"Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy" is the tenth episode of Season Ten, and the 149th overall episode of South Park. It aired on October 18, 2006.[1]


In his new role as School Hallway Monitor at South Park Elementary, Cartman must team up with Kyle when they discover a teacher having sex with a student.[1]


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Plot details follow.

Cartman brags about farting in the face of a girl called Kelly Nelson to his friends. He is then approached by a ginger kid hall monitor, telling him he has to go to the principal's office. Cartman starts verbally abusing the boy, saying he has no friends and that he should kill himself. and only leaves the moment because his name was called on the PA system to come to the office. When he arrives, he believes he will be disciplined for farting in Kelly's face, but instead Principal Victoria tells him that it is his turn to become the new School Hall Monitor, giving Cartman "Authoritah." He takes to his new job quickly, taking every last offense seriously, and bullying students with his authority. He dresses up and acts like Dog the Bounty Hunter (Duane Chapman), even repeating some of his catchphrases. When he finds a crumpled up paper in the Hall Way, he busts Ike for littering, who had drawn a picture of his new kindergarten teacher Ms. Stevenson with hearts around it, singing his name.

At the end of class, Ms. Stevenson keeps Ike late to discuss that his feelings for her are inappropriate, but she admits she has feelings for him, so they begin an illegal sexual relationship, passing love notes in class and going on dates, even having sex. Kyle is sent to Ms. Stevenson's house one day to pick up Ike who is supposedly having extra tutor lessons so that he can take him to the doctor. The door is left unlocked, and Kyle walks in on Ms. Stevenson and Ike in the bathtub together. They confess their love for one another, leaving Kyle stunned and horrified and refusing to end the relationship.

Later, while Kyle and his family are having dinner, Kyle tries to tell his mother about Ike's relationship with Ms. Stevenson, but is always interrupted by Ike saying something cute and innocent. Kyle then suggests that she should talk to Ike about love and sex, which she just responds by saying that Ike's way too young. Later, Kyle goes to the police station to try and tell the police what is going on, but Sergeant Yates and his men see no problem in a beautiful woman having sex with an underage boy, and claim him the luckiest boy in America. Kyle then goes to his friends as a last resort, who just like the policemen see nothing wrong with it until Kyle lets it slip that they make out in the hallways. Since this is a hallway infraction, Cartman takes it upon himself to catch Ike and Ms. Stevenson in the act. He catches them in the hallway making out and assaults Ms. Stevenson with bear mace. He shows proof to Principal Victoria, who, being a woman, does see the relationship is inappropriate and illegal. She is promptly arrested and fired from her job, the crowd outside and especially Randy is confused as to why she is being arrested since she is a woman and hot. She escapes a prison sentence by using the "Mel Gibson Defense" and claiming she is an alcoholic, and she was not responsible for her actions. Ike blames Kyle for what happened and then refuses to acknowledge him.

After completing Rehab (almost literally walking in right before walking out the 'revolving door'), she drives right away to Ike's home, and they sneak out, planning on leaving the country to Milan. Kyle is ready to give up, but Cartman is not as ready to let a rule breaker go free and convinces Kyle to come with him. He assembles a team that looks like Dawg's (who he only paid 15 bucks), consisting of assistant Leroy and driver Earl, and Beth, his bitch, who hand checks her Travelocity account and sees their flight does not leave until the next morning and are able to find out the hotel they are staying in. They begin checking rooms, bear-macing several people who get in their way. The hotel staff call the police, and Ms. Stevenson and Ike run for it when they hear the sirens. Cartman's team finds them and chases them to the roof followed by the police. Ms. Stevenson and Ike are cornered, and the police quickly turn their attention to them after realizing that it is the woman they got a kidnapping report about. With nowhere else to go, the two decide to go with their back up plan and jump off the roof because no one will accept their love.

Kyle gives a speech on love to Ike, about how he needs to truly live first before ruining his life by getting into a serious relationship. Though Ms. Stevenson jumps, falling to her death, Ike stops at the last minute upon hearing Kyle's lecture. Kyle and Ike are happily reunited, and Cartman wraps up the ordeal by telling the audience, "If you don't go with Christ, you could end up like that splattered bitch on the pavement".


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