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Miss Havisham was a character based on the character of the same name from the Charles Dickens novel, Great Expectations.


In "Pip", Pip is hired by Miss Havisham to be a playmate with Estella. Later in the episode, Miss Havisham explains why she has her daughter Estella break hearts. Miss Havisham will use the tears from the men with broken hearts to power her Genesis Device, allowing herself to become young again and put herself in Estella's body, and then she will continue breaking men's hearts for another generation. She then uses her robot monkeys to attack Pip. After Pip manages to convince Estella to unhook herself from Miss Havisham's machine, Miss Havisham dies in a fire resulting from the machine malfunctioning.


Miss Havisham is an elderly person, with facial wrinkles and gray hair. She has slender arms and skeleton-like fingers, although her body seems huge. She looks pale and weak, probably because she has not seen the sun (going outdoors) for over 20 years.

She wears a headband made of white, yellow-center flowers, a long-sleeved, dull yellow-rimmed, light blue dress, and a light blue veil.


She is greedy and selfish, having no qualms about breaking men's hearts for personal gain. It should also be noted, that, while not killing Estella, she would have taken over her body, erasing Estella's consciousness. This further proves her selfishness and lack of empathy. Miss Havisham may be a genius, as she may have built the robot monkeys, though she could have easily bought them, considering her wealth. She also has the Genesis device, which she either built or bought.

Powers and Abilities

Miss Havisham could be some type of superhuman, as she is able spit acid. This acid appears to be very strong, even melting the Escaped Convict's face.


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